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Zane Benefits releases new eBook: The Comprehensive Guide to the Small Business HRA

PeopleKeep News • Jan 18, 2017 9:00:00 AM • Written by: PeopleKeep Team

New eBook offers free information for small businesses to navigate 2017 health care decisions

Salt Lake City, Utah (January 18, 2017) — Zane Benefits, the leader in personalized employee benefits for small businesses, today announced the launch of its newest resource, The Comprehensive Guide to the Small Business HRA. This first-of-its-kind eBook is the only industry resource to provide complete support for businesses considering offering a Small Business Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA). The Small Business HRA, just established in December 2016 through the 21st Century Cures Act, allows employees to purchase their own individual health insurance policy independent of the company. The company then reimburses each employee tax-free for their individual health insurance and medical expenses up to a set monthly allowance.

According to Kaiser Family Foundation (2016), only about half (55 percent) of small businesses in America offer health benefits today. With more than three-quarters of job seekers saying benefits are either “very important” or “extremely important” when considering a job offer, many small businesses are losing out on the attraction that benefits offer to current employees and potential hires. Whether a small business is looking to offer benefits for the first time or is being forced to cancel a group policy due to cost, this eBook will provide the tools small businesses need to take a simpler approach that offers employees more choice: the Small Business HRA. This new eBook thoroughly explains this new benefit that many small business owners may not understand or even be aware of.

“Many small businesses choose not to offer employee health benefits because of cost, and they don’t realize this decision is actually costing them more when they try to recruit and retain employees,” said Rick Lindquist, President and CEO of Zane Benefits. “Health benefits are critical for hiring and keeping your people, and the new Small Business HRA provides an affordable alternative to group health benefits. Our new 60-page eBook provides small business owners with a complete guide to evaluating, implementing and administering a Small Business HRA.”

The 60-page eBook is available for free download at www.ZaneBenefits.com and covers the following topics:

  • What a Small Business HRA is
  • Why an HRA provides value to your company
  • How to design and administer an HRA plan
  • How to communicate your new benefit to employees

Each topic includes case studies, examples templates, and real-world numbers. Zane Benefits is a trusted voice in the employee benefits space, and the company’s more than 270 eBooks and webinars on personalized benefits have been downloaded by health insurance brokers and small business owners more than 120,000 times.

About Zane Benefits and PeopleKeep

Zane Benefits, now PeopleKeep, was founded in 2006 with a mission to personalize employee benefits for small businesses. Their vision for the world is one where employee benefits are actually beneficial to employees. "Personalized" is the word we use to describe that vision. Our software platform, PeopleKeep, helps small businesses hire and keep their people. PeopleKeep’s HR and employee benefits solutions are simple, compliant, and personalized.

PeopleKeep automates compliance and simplifies administrative tasks so small businesses can provide personalized health benefits to their employees. With PeopleKeep, employees buy their own health insurance and the company makes available tax-free dollars to help with out-of-pocket costs. PeopleKeep includes a compliant health reimbursement plan, personalized online shopping assistance for employees, and simple administrative tools.


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