Stella is a menopause support app to help women manage their symptoms through lifestyle and behaviour change. 

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Stella is an app that helps women manage their menopause symptoms so they can carry on with their lives.

Whether it’s a stronger pelvic floor, better sleep, losing weight or dealing with anxious feelings - Stella creates a personalised 12-week plan for your most bothersome
symptoms. There is also real-life coaching, useful resources and a supportive community.

Stella promotes long-term lifestyle change through CBT, sleep scheduling, physiotherapy, mindfulness and stress management techniques. 75% of women who complete a Stella
plan report improved symptoms and 80% say they feel better.

How do I get my free access?
You can sign up to Stella anonymously and privately, without alerting anyone or having any personal data shared with us, by following the steps below. All you need to do is:

  1. Get your free access code by visiting *unique URL will be inserted here*
  2. Download Stella from the App Store
  3. Click “Get Started” and follow the sign-up instructions
  4. When asked for payment, click “Use promo code” and paste in your unique code