Lane Health

Lane Health is a single solution for all the consumer benefit spending accounts your clients offer, including HSAs, FSAs, LPFSAs, Dependent Care, Commuter and Lifestyle accounts. In addition, the Lane Health solution comes with a groundbreaking benefit no other administrator provides: the Advance¹ line of credit. Once activated, members can take advantage of swipe-and-go access to a dedicated medical line of credit¹ with no credit checks required, helping them sleep easier at night.

1 Advances issued by WebBank

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While much of the spending account market targets the small percentage of employees who can afford to contribute and save, Lane Health focuses on the millions of employees who can’t cover an unexpected $500 healthcare bill². The activated Advance¹ line of credit acts as a healthcare safety net, providing additional on-demand funds¹ for employees regardless of their plan choice or initial HSA contribution level. This makes HSA-qualified plans less scary and helps employees sleep better at night, knowing they can be protected in the event of a large or unexpected healthcare expense. And because HSA Advances¹ are repaid over 12 months via pre-tax payroll withholding, employees typically find that taking an HSA Advance¹ is cheaper than paying with cash.



¹ Advances issued by WebBank

² KFF Health Care Debt Survey