Case study: Summit Dental Group

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Drs. Bryan Hilton and Corry Marcincin became owners of Summit Dental Group in July 2013. With no existing employee health benefits in place, they were faced with the challenge of finding a plan that they could afford and that employees found attractive. Traditional health benefits left a lot to be desired. Other options like taxable stipends weren’t a good fit either. But with PeopleKeep, they are now able to offer a personalized employee benefit that ticks all of their boxes.

We wanted to have the best benefit package possible so our employees would stay with us long-term. We currently have a great team of employees working with us and PeopleKeep helped us attract them and keep them.”

Bryan Hilton, DMD

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“By the nature of our jobs, our staff is at a higher risk of getting sick. I wanted to provide a benefit where they could afford to get a flu shot, go to checkups, and stay healthy.”

The company

Located just minutes away from the resorts of Breckenridge and Keystone, Summit Dental Group serves the Dillon community and surrounding area by providing outstanding dental care. Though the clinic originally opened its doors in the 1960s, Drs. Bryan Hilton and Corry Marcincin took ownership in July 2013. They brought with them experience as well as cutting-edge techniques and technology. Along with standard dental services, the clinic is equipped to provide implant restorations, digital impressions, pediatric dentistry, oral surgery, and cosmetic dental treatments.

The team at Summit Dental Group is committed to making their patients feel like family. With each patient’s health at the top of their minds, the team’s dedication and expertise coupled with their compassionate care ensure a wonderful experience.

The challenge

When Drs. Hilton and Marcincin took over the business, the clinic wasn’t providing health benefits to its employees. However, they learned there was a need right away. Early on, they even lost some employees to clinics with established health benefits. With many nearby practices competing for talent, the doctors needed to find a solution that worked for their business.

“One of the challenges for us being in a resort community is the cost of living is really high and the unemployment rate is extremely low. It’s very easy to get a job if you’re looking for one, but for employers, it’s very hard to find long-term employees.“

The health benefit had to be affordable for both their business and the employees as well as fit the needs of their full-time employees. They started looking into health benefits options and quickly realized traditional group benefits weren’t going to be a good fit.

“Group health insurance was out of reach for us costwise, and it didn’t provide a benefit to the employees that had coverage under a spouse. To keep things fair across all of our employees, we wanted a benefit that worked for everyone."

In addition to cost, the limited provider network offered through group health insurance was a downside.

"The most affordable group insurance plan didn’t have a very good network and still had high premiums and high deductibles."

The doctors also looked into adding additional income to their employee’s checks as a taxable stipend, but it didn’t feel like a real benefit.

While they knew those options wouldn’t work for them, they were determined to find the right fit.

The solution

With PeopleKeep, Summit Dental Group was finally able to provide a health benefit that fits perfectly with their business's needs in addition to the individual needs of its employees. PeopleKeep’s personalized benefits automation software enables them to offer a health reimbursement arrangement that provides tax-free reimbursement for their employees' eligible medical expenses.

The results

Since partnering with PeopleKeep in 2016, Summit Dental Group has hired eight full-time employees. The PeopleKeep benefit was an influencing factor behind their new hires.

“Offering a health benefit through PeopleKeep makes our clinic more attractive to prospective employees.”

Employees now have access to care they wouldn’t have otherwise. That’s been a major plus.

“By the nature of our jobs, our staff is at a higher risk of getting sick. I wanted to provide a benefit where they could afford to get a flu shot, go to checkups, and stay healthy. Because we’re in the healthcare field, it’s important for us to help our employees be healthy as well.”

The flexible nature of the benefit is also a huge win for the clinic. In addition to reimbursing for individual insurance coverage, they can reimburse employees for eligible out-of-pocket medical expenses.

“The expenses that can be reimbursed are great. Hygienists and dental assistants can sometimes develop neck and shoulder issues and carpal tunnel from bending over and holding instruments all day. Having the ability to use the benefit for chiropractic care is a big deal for our industry.“

Because the benefit is personalized to each employee, it has been instrumental in keeping employees with the clinic long-term. Morale has increased as employees feel cared about and are able to prioritize their health. In addition to that, the employees and the business are saving around $1,968 in taxes compared to a taxable benefit.