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10 Small Biz Tips for a Healthy Workplace

Small Business • May 16, 2014 at 2:45 PM • Written by: Christina Merhar

These days, cultivating a healthy workplace is a hot topic for businesses of all sizes.

In fact, wellness studies suggest that employees who perceive their company as having a strong culture of health are happier, less stressed, and more likely to take control of their well-being than employees in other companies. 

As such, small businesses are adopting workplace wellness initiatives to become an employer of choice, recruit and retain employees, and sustain a healthy (and productive) workforce.

You don't have to invest a lot of resources to create a healthy workforce. Here are ten quick tips on how to create a culture of health and wellness.

10 Tips for a Healthy Workplace

  1. Encourage employees to incorporate health activities into their workday. For example, institute walking meetings, allow extended lunches for employees to work out or go for a run, or support standing desks.

  2. Ask for employees' feedback. Ask employees how they think the business can improve employee health.

  3. Wellness from the top down. Start wellness initiatives at the leadership team level and show by example. Make your leaders the health advocates for the company. 

  4. Make your work environment reflective of a healthy culture. Take a look around at the work space. Does the physical environment make it easy for employees to get or stay healthy? Are work spaces ergonomic?

  5. Invite employees to share their success. Encourage employees to share health-related efforts and successes with others.

  6. Talk about health and wellness alongside business decisions. For example, if you're considering relocating or changing working hours, consider employees' health as an important input in decision-making.

  7. Set up a rewards program. Use a rewards or recognition program to recognize, reward, or celebrate health success.

  8. Cleanse the kitchen. If you have an open kitchen, cafeteria, or vending, make healthy options available and get rid of the junk. 

  9. Encourage occasional web surfing. Don't get me wrong, chronic web surfing is a productivity killer. However, research shows that occasional, passive web surfing actually boosts employees' moods.

  10. Encourage "off the clock" employees to disconnect from work. The 'always on' atmosphere at many companies leads to stress, burn-out, and poor employee wellness. Encourage productivity while at the office, and encourage employees to disconnect from work during off-hours. Leadership can set the example by leaving at a reasonable time and limiting communications outside of business hours.

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Christina Merhar