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Whether your small business is offering benefits for the first time or moving away from traditional group benefits, PeopleKeep is the right fit. Look for your goal below to see how PeopleKeep can work for your company, or request a demo with one of our Personalized Benefits Advisors.


Use cases

Maximize employees’ tax-free compensation.

If you’re currently giving employees increased wages or taxable stipends to cover benefits, PeopleKeep can help. Taxable wages cost your company 7.65 percent in payroll taxes on every dollar you pay an employee. Over the year, this can add up to thousands of dollars in unnecessary taxes. Taxable wages also cost employees money to receive. Employees pay up to an additional 30 percent in taxes on every dollar. This creates a vicious cycle, requiring your company to pay even more wages (and taxes) to maximize the after-tax amount. With PeopleKeep, you can maximize each employee’s total compensation with tax-free dollars, while saving your company tens of thousands of dollars in wages and taxes and every year.

Formalize and automate a personalized benefits program.

If you’re offering an informal reimbursement arrangement or manually administering a personalized benefits program, PeopleKeep can help. Most job candidates and employees don’t value these informal arrangements because they can feel cheap and illegitimate. We’ve found that most business leaders and office managers wear too many hats already. Manual administration of personalized benefits in compliance with tax, labor, and privacy laws takes hours per month. With PeopleKeep, it’s minutes. More importantly, PeopleKeep formalizes your benefits so you can increase employee satisfaction and impress job candidates.

Offer benefits for the first time.

If you’re looking to offer benefits for the first time, PeopleKeep can help. The decision to offer benefits for the first time can be intimidating. Benefits are an important recruiting and retention tool, and the wrong decision can cost a company its most important assets—people, time, and money. Even worse, every time you need to make a change, it can negatively impact employees’ personal lives. Many companies put off offering benefits because of the cost, complexity, and one-size-fits-all nature of the traditional approach. With PeopleKeep, you don’t have to be an expert. We’ll help you set the right benefit amount and adjust it over time as your business grows without having to disrupt your employees’ personal lives.

Offer benefits to employees in multiple states.

If you’re trying to offer benefits to employees in multiple states, PeopleKeep can help. Traditional group benefits don’t work for companies with employees in different locations because they’re too-one-size-fits-all. Doctor and pharmacy networks vary by state, and employees in different locations often have different coverage needs. To make matters worse, communicating to employees in different locations is difficult due to the complexity of traditional group benefits. With PeopleKeep, employees choose the benefits that best fit their personal needs based on their location. It's simple. You decide how much money to contribute, and we'll automate the rest. Focus on your business, not your benefits.

Offer benefits to employees on spouse, parent, and individual plans.

If some of your employees get health insurance through a spouse, parent, or individual plan, a PeopleKeep QSEHRA can help. When employees don’t participate in your benefits program, they are less likely to stay with your company. This participation issue also makes it hard for your company to qualify to offer traditional group benefits to your other employees. This creates a catch-22. You don’t want to force employees to switch plans if they’re happy with what they have, but you need to offer benefits to hire and keep the rest of your people. With PeopleKeep, everyone benefits, especially those with existing plans. We’ll help each employee personalize their benefit based on their unique situation—no changing insurance companies, doctors, or pharmacies.

Replace traditional group benefits.

If you’re considering canceling traditional group benefits, PeopleKeep can help. There’s a new way called personalized benefits, but replacing the traditional approach can be scary. It’s what employees are used to, and change is hard. With PeopleKeep, you can switch to the new way with peace of mind. We’ll walk you through canceling your existing benefits, help you set up a formal personalized benefits program that allows you to hire and keep your people, and support employees through the transition. You’ll never look back.

Switch from a third-party administrator.

If you’re considering switching third-party administrators (TPAs), PeopleKeep can help. TPAs offer some pretty clunky software. And the customer service usually sucks. It’s no surprise employees complain when your benefits program is hard to use and it takes weeks to get help from customer service. On top of everything else, TPAs make benefit changes hard, create pay and chase situations, and lack the tools and flexibility you need to hire and keep your people with personalized benefits. With PeopleKeep, you’ll use automation software to make offering benefits simple, painless, and personal for everyone. PeopleKeep is not a TPA. This means you can make changes to benefits at any time, avoid pay and chase, and maintain full control of your benefits funds.
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