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Offering traditional group benefits sucks. Why? They’re too expensive, too complex, and too one-size-fits-all. PeopleKeep is a new way to offer benefits called personalized benefits. Most people believe benefits are the services a company offers, such as a health insurance plan or 401(k). With personalized benefits, it’s the opposite. Companies give people tax-free money to spend on the consumer services they find most valuable. It’s as simple as wages. For small businesses that think offering traditional group benefits sucks, PeopleKeep is personalized benefits automation software that makes offering benefits simple, painless, and personal for everyone. Today more than 3,000 companies use PeopleKeep to hire and keep their people across the United States. PeopleKeep is based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

3,000 customers and counting

Helping the very best small businesses hire and keep their people
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Our leadership team brings together expertise across product, design, engineering, service, sales, and marketing from companies including Intuit, Overstock, Experticity, and Intel.

Rick Lindquist

Rick Lindquist


Rick is a frequent speaker and reference for his vision of personalized benefits and related tax and health policy. He is the coauthor of The End of Employer-Provided Health Insurance (Wiley 2014) and has been featured in The New York Times, Bloomberg, PBS, and Inc. Rick received a B.S. in economics and a B.A. in computer science from Duke University.

Chris Hansen

Chris Hansen


Prior to joining PeopleKeep, Chris was at Experticity, where he helped set the direction for the company's technology offerings and evolved the technical infrastructure for future growth and expansion. Prior to Experticity, Chris held various software development leadership roles at Overstock.com for more than 7 years. Chris received his B.S. in computer science from the University of Utah.

Dane Willis

Dane Willis


Prior to joining PeopleKeep, Dane held product management positions at Swipeclock and Experticity. Before moving into product management, Dane had a decade of experience in investment management and retirement benefits consulting. Dane received his B.S. in finance from Brigham Young University. Dane is a co-organizer of ProductTank Salt Lake City and is actively involved in the product community.

Ben Hanks

Ben Hanks


Ben has worked in software engineering for more than a decade. Prior to joining PeopleKeep, Ben held engineering positions at Blue Coat Systems (now part of Symantec), Overstock.com, and Progrexion. As an engineering lead, he still gets to play in the code, but also gets to help improve culture and processes. He received his B.S. in computer science from Weber State University.

"PeopleKeep is easy to contact when I have an issue and every person I have talked to is knowledgeable and has solved all my problems:)"

Emily Rivera

Office Administrator, Oak Grove Church of God

"PeopleKeep works fast and slick!!!"

Katherine Hendrickson

Accounting/HR Admin. Assistant, Great Falls Rescue Mission

"PeopleKeep is simple and accurate. The PeopleKeep team is also quick to respond."

Carrie Oliver

Office Administrator, Scroggs Construction Services

"PeopleKeep is very easy to use, with excellent customer service."

Gosia Shaenan

Consultant, The Stergion Group

"PeopleKeep is easy to use and the customer support is fast and helpful."

Christopher Keseling

Client Experience Manager, Birdsong Creative

"PeopleKeep is quick, easy, and affordable."

Sarah Burke

Practice Manager, True North Veterinary Hospital

"PeopleKeep is very easy to use and quick to respond."

Gina Wren

Office Administrator, Latipro Investments

"It was easy to set up and I received lots of feedback on the status of my request. The money was reimbursed on time. I am very satisfied."

Catherine Roberts

Teacher, Skyward Education

"Easy to use and great customer service!"

Katelyn Foxhoven

CS Team Lead, TruNorth Management

"PeopleKeep is easy to use."

Larry Teves

Driver, Oliver Concrete Construction

"Good customer service and easy to work with."

Tiffanie Glaze

Operations and Financial Manager, Berkley Construction

"Excellent customer service and intuitive website. We use a lot of outsourcing for our business related management needs and PeopleKeep is certainly one of the best so far."

Amielle DeWan

Executive Director, Impact by Design

"I have had great interactions with everyone that I have made contact with and they have been so willing to help."

Lynnette Haas

STAR Coordinator, Independent Living Center

"I have received wonderful assistance from PeopleKeep!"

Onita Yost

Women's Shelter Director, Great Falls Rescue Mission

"The PeopleKeep staff is always available and answers questions in a quick and professional manner."

Bailey Nicholas

Fund Development and Special Events Manager, High Risk Hope

"Haven't had any issues since I established PeopleKeep. It has been a very reliable tool and always keeps me posted."

Angel Medina-Carbajal

Property Manager, Wallaby PMC

"I am impressed with PeopleKeep."

Nancy Rowe

Account Manager, Kuranda USA

"PeopleKeep's responses to my inquiries are lightning quick and they are always engaging."

Steven Whyte

VP of Engineering, mSIGNIA

"Everyone at PeopleKeep is very helpful."

Dina Sandoval

Receiving Manager, Pueblo Hotel Supply

"I've been very pleased with PeopleKeep's response to my reimbursement requests. It is such an easy way to handle it all!"

Sandra Menor

Help Desk Director, Justice Democrats

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