The tech startup's guide to personalized employee benefits



How to offer flexible employee benefits to attract and retain employees as an up-and-coming tech company

The United States is a hotbed for tech startups. Some of the most
successful companies in the world began as startups in the U.S.,
including SpaceX, Stripe, Instagram, Airbnb, Epic Games, and

At PeopleKeep, we understand that most private tech startups have
the goal of reaching unicorn status, or a valuation of $1 billion or more.

Acquiring top talent is essential for any startup’s success. However, because the tech startup industry is extremely competitive
and volatile, it can be hard to sway job candidates to take up a position
at a small startup versus an established tech company.

Employee benefits can help tech startups attract and retain key
staff. However, many traditional employee benefits options can be
too expensive or complex for these new companies to administer.

Fortunately, small employers such as tech startups have
more employee benefits options than ever and don’t have to rely on
expensive group plans as their only option for offering competitive

This guide will explain how tech startups can provide employee
benefits, why employee benefits are important, what types of
benefits are available, and how to administer these benefits to
your staff.

In this guide, you'll learn:

  • Why you should offer employee benefits as a tech startup
  • What types of employee benefits are available for startups
  • What personalized benefits are and why they matter
  • What health benefits are available for tech startups
  • What employee stipends are and how to manage them

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