Getting reimbursed is simple


Eligible employees can use their allowance toward qualified health insurance premiums and medical expenses.

Here’s how it works:

  • The eligible employee clicks “Get Reimbursed” in PeopleKeep. The software then walks them through submitting the information and documentation associated with the expense.
  • We review reimbursement requests within one business day.
  • Verified reimbursement requests are immediately available for the plan admin to reimburse, assuming the employee has unused allowance.

Our world-class service team is always available to help.


See what’s eligible.

If any of your employees qualify for premium tax credits, those employees must adjust the amount of their tax credit to reflect their PeopleKeep monthly allowance. The law requires any premium tax credit to be reduced by the amount of the monthly PeopleKeep allowance. For more details, see our blog “Does Offering an HRA Disqualify Employees from Individual Premium Tax Credits?


"The app works well and reimbursements are fast. I prefer this to an insurance plan selected by the employer."

Kevin S.

"Fast claims review and processing! When I have a question, PeopleKeep has been super-friendly and helpful – which is very different than most insurance-claims related call centers where they don't help problem-solve."

Jeff D.

"Everything from customer support to processing reimbursements is pain-free, quick, and easy."

Ellen L.

"Easy to use. Employer and employee-friendly. Provides a complete list of authorized expenditures. Best of all worlds for small to medium businesses."

Michael L.

"I don’t have to keep any paperwork. I don’t have to file any receipts. I just get an email saying something is due, and I reimburse it. That’s it. It’s so easy! It’s been fantastic."

Sarah Burke

"PeopleKeep is so easy to use. Our employees love it, and it is so easy for me to reimburse them. I think the list of qualified expenses is super helpful as well!"

Erin H.

"PeopleKeep serves our needs as an organization and all our employees say it's fast, easy, and convenient to get reimbursed."

Sarahi R.

"Your customer service is great. I get to email with a real person who knows their stuff."

Cathy M.

"Good communication, rapid responses and no questions left unanswered."

Mike B.

"PeopleKeep is easy for me as an administrator. Also, as an employee, it’s such an easy way to get refunded for expenses. The chat feature is excellent!"

Laura P.

"Excellent product. Excellent execution of the product. Outstanding, STELLAR customer service. What more is there left to say?"

Bhakti F.