Customer case study: Rustic Countrysides

Rustic Countrysides offers their staff various custom stipends with WorkPerks to diversify their benefits package and improve their employees' experience.

Rustic Countrysides
Industry Landscaping
Location Rabun County, GA
Employees 22
Benefits WorkPerks


“At the end of the month, I just export the spreadsheet from the dashboard containing the reimbursement amounts and send it to our accounting team. That’s about as easy as it can get for me. And I love that.”


Rustic Countrysides offers employee stipends to diversity benefits

To stay competitive in a tough labor market, Rustic Countrysides knew it had to make its benefits package more attractive to potential employees. As a small business, it needed an affordable benefit that also provided enough value to meet its staff’s needs. General Manager Tom Hack considered self-administering a custom stipend benefit but didn’t want the time-consuming task of reviewing receipts for all his employees.

After Rustic Countrysides’ owner found out about PeopleKeep’s WorkPerks employee stipend solution, the organization took a look. With WorkPerks,  it could offer its employees a $200 monthly allowance to pay for custom perks across several categories, such as education, commuter, child care, and family expenses, all from one easy-to-use platform.

Since signing up with PeopleKeep, the employees at Rustic Countrysides find the WorkPerks platform simple and intuitive. Benefits administration has been quick and easy, and PeopleKeep’s customer success and support teams have readily answered any questions. Due to the streamlined experience that PeopleKeep’s software provides, Rustic Countrysides looks forward to keeping WorkPerks as part of its benefits package for many years.

Improved compensation package

Increased employee satisfaction

Simple and fast benefits administration


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The challenge

As the general manager at Rustic Countrysides, Tom Hack understood that a tight labor market made attracting talented employees difficult. Rustic Countrysides already offered several benefits, like retirement and life insurance, but wanted to give itself an edge over its competitors by adding a unique perk to its benefits package. Because the organization had a small benefits budget and 22 employees, it needed a solution that wouldn’t break the bank and would be useful enough for its staff to participate in. 

Tom considered building a perk stipend as Rustic Countrysides’ new benefit and administering it in-house. But he knew managing this process would take a lot of work. He and his accounting team would be responsible for manually determining categories for reimbursement, collecting and reviewing receipts, and processing payments in addition to their existing tasks. 

They were willing to self-administer a benefit and take on this process to provide a perk their staff would love, but it would have been time-consuming and frustrating.

“We were looking for a benefit that was affordable for us but would provide great value to our employees."

The solution

Luckily, the owner of Rustic Countrysides heard about PeopleKeep from a family member and shared insight about PeopleKeep’s benefits administration software with Tom, who immediately researched the company and its reviews to learn more. After speaking with a personalized benefits advisor and learning about PeopleKeep’s WorkPerks stipend administration software, Tom made the decision to sign up for WorkPerks.

With WorkPerks, Rustic Countrysides could offer employee stipends to cover the cost of various perks. Because the organization wanted to ensure all its employees could take advantage of their benefits in the way that would best fit their needs, it chose a diverse array of perk categories that employees could use their stipends on.

The perks Rustic Countrysides' employees can pay for with their WorkPerks stipends include:

  • Wellness perks
    • Gym and studio memberships
    • Exercise classes
    • Chiropractor visits
    • Massage therapy
    • mental wellness
  • Professional development and training
    • Books
    • Conferences
    • Courses
    • Certifications
    • Educational assistance
  • Commuter and transportation benefits
    • Gas mileage
    • Vehicle maintenance
    • Vehicle repair
  • Childcare and senior care expenses
  • Family development perks
    • Music lessons
    • Martial Arts, dance, and gymnastics lessons
    • Family counseling
  • Family life and disability insurance

Because employers pay out WorkPerks stipends on a reimbursement model, Rustic Countrysides didn’t have to pre-fund an account. It would only need to pay employees once they incurred an eligible perk expense. Once an employee submits an expense’s proof of purchase through PeopleKeep, the organization reviews the expense and approves the amount in the benefit administrator’s online portal and then reimburses the employee up to their allowance amount.

“PeopleKeep and their stipend administration software eliminated the headache of self-administration for us.”


After leadership met to determine what allowance amount would work for their budget and their employees’ needs, they decided to offer each employee $200 per month. With this allowance, their staff could cover the cost of a wide variety of approved perks. The customization options that WorkPerks provided to Tom and the leaders of Rustic Countrysides enabled them to design a winning benefit.

The results

Now that Rustic Countrysides has completed the onboarding process, all full-time employees using WorkPerks are pleased with its intuitive platform. They find the user interface easy to use and the reimbursement process quick and seamless.

As the benefit administrator, Tom can manage the benefit in just two hours per month. He can log in to the dashboard before each payroll cycle to approve expenses and schedule reimbursements with just a few clicks of a button. Because he’s able to easily communicate with PeopleKeep’s customer success team, he is knowledgeable about the benefit and can help employees if they have questions or need help. 

“I’m glad that WorkPerks exists. It streamlines the administration process of offering a stipend. And it allows small companies like ours to provide our employees with a customizable benefit that gives them value.”


Tom is thankful for PeopleKeep and its WorkPerks platform for helping him provide Rustic Countrysides’ employees with a versatile stipend benefit without the hassle of having to administer it in-house. The software streamlined the reimbursement process, and employees can choose the best way to make their benefit work for them. As the organization’s staff grows, Tom has the option to add even more perk categories to their WorkPerks benefit, strengthening the employee experience and keeping their compensation package attractive. 


About Rustic Countrysides

Rustic Countrysides was founded in 2006 in Northeast Georgia. They are a full-service landscape company offering high-quality work and friendly customer service for an affordable price. Their management, experience, lawn care professionals, and reliable products allow their clients to save time and money and enjoy their outdoor living spaces for years to come.


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