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mSIGNIA hires and keeps top tech talent with PeopleKeep.

Industry Mobile software
Location Nashville, TN
Website msignia.com

When mSIGNIA started looking for benefits, it couldn’t find a traditional group solution that was simple and worked for all employees. Now, with PeopleKeep, mSIGNIA can take care of everyone while spending just five minutes a month on administration.

mSIGNIA hires and keeps top tech talent with PeopleKeep.
“We’d always wanted a benefit where we could pay for employees’ personal health insurance or other health care expenses.”

Emily Anderson

mSIGNIA in Nashville, TN


minutes per month


projected annual tax savings


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“Letting our employees stay on their own personal policies just made things so easy.”

The company

mSIGNIA helps businesses limit risk, reduce fraud, and enhance customer experience with its patented mobile authentication and identity verification software. The company’s leadership team has more than 40 years of combined industry knowledge, helping mSIGNIA complete multiple rounds of funding.

The challenge

With its latest funding round completed, mSIGNIA was ready to offer health benefits for the first time. Employees had been asking about benefits for a while, and mSIGNIA knew that as a tech start-up, it needed best-in-class benefits to attract best-in-class talent.

But employees were in a variety of situations—some had their own personal health insurance, others were insured through a spouse, and many had nothing at all. Emily Anderson, office and investor operations manager with mSIGNIA, felt a lot of pressure to make the right choice for everyone. And that anxiety only doubled when she discovered that traditional group benefits didn’t fit the bill.

“It was a difficult decision for us. If we would have gone with traditional group benefits, we would have made employees switch to new health insurance midyear, requiring their deductibles to reset in January and then again in June. We also wanted to make it as convenient as possible to manage the benefit, and the traditional approach made it too complicated,” she said.

The solution

On behalf of mSIGNIA, Anderson started searching for alternatives to traditional group benefits. It didn’t take long to find PeopleKeep online, and Anderson quickly realized it would help the company meet its benefits goals.

With PeopleKeep, all mSIGNIA employees could sign up and receive a monthly benefits allowance—regardless of their situation. And PeopleKeep’s customer service team was available to field employee questions while mSIGNIA focused on growth.

“We’d always wanted a benefit where we could pay for employees’ personal health insurance or other health care expenses,” Anderson recalled. “And letting employees go to PeopleKeep with their questions just made everything easy.”

After some additional research and a few conversations with PeopleKeep, mSIGNIA decided to sign up.

The results

With PeopleKeep, mSIGNIA is offering health benefits that work for everyone. The company doesn’t have to make the hard, personal decisions about deductibles or other policy details, and employees get financial support for everything from doctor’s copays to sunscreen.

mSIGNIA can also manage the benefit with little time or fuss. As a PeopleKeep admin, Anderson spends just five minutes a month on benefits, freeing her up to focus on more important tasks like marketing or arranging travel for company leadership.

“Having PeopleKeep is a relief,” she said. “It’s saved me a lot of time, and it makes me feel good that it’s there for our employees. They’re very excited about it, and every single person has been reimbursed for something.”