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See why 3,000 businesses automate their benefits with PeopleKeep.

When mSIGNIA started looking for benefits, it couldn’t find a traditional group solution that was simple and worked for all employees. Now, with PeopleKeep, mSIGNIA can take care of everyone while spending just five minutes a month on administration.

Unable to offer traditional group benefits, Thriveworks was paying employees an informal taxable stipend for benefits, which required the company and employees to pay thousands of dollars in unnecessary taxes. Now, with PeopleKeep’s personalized benefits automation software, they’re able to offer tax-free monthly benefit allowances to all employees as a formal benefits program.

Tamalpa Institute has a diverse set of employees and needed an alternative to one-size-fits-all traditional group benefits. But whenever they found something that worked, the law would change and the organization would be forced to start from scratch. Now PeopleKeep gives them peace of mind with a formal benefit that works for everyone.



PeopleKeep is changing the game with automation

PeopleKeep is changing the game with automation.

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