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Klint Miller started his contracting business with a personal philosophy of doing things right for his clients and his employees. He knew a big part of caring for his employees would be to offer a health benefit that provided value and that didn’t lock them into coverage they didn’t want. The more he learned about group health insurance, the more he realized the plans were unaffordable and inflexible. Now, PeopleKeep allows him to offer a health benefit that is valuable, user-friendly, cost-efficient, and flexible enough to fit the needs of all his full-time employees.

Drs. Bryan Hilton and Corry Marcincin became owners of Summit Dental Group in July 2013. With no existing employee health benefit in place, they were faced with the challenge of finding a plan they could afford and that employees found attractive. Traditional health benefits left a lot to be desired. Other options like taxable stipends weren’t a good fit either. But with PeopleKeep, they are now able to offer a personalized employee benefit that ticks all their boxes.

Bobby Hyatt insurance agency

Many small insurance agencies struggle to offer group health insurance and instead give employees a taxable stipend. New agency owner Bobby Hyatt wanted something more formal. Now, with PeopleKeep, he’s met his goal of offering a tax-free health benefit that frees his employees from medical worries at work.

New veterinary clinic owner Dr. Erica Parthum knew she wanted to offer great benefits to her employees. Under the previous owner, employees were offered a group health insurance plan, but the plan didn’t make sense to Dr. Parthum. It was extremely expensive, and there was little to no value to employees. Now, with a qualified small employer HRA (QSEHRA), PeopleKeep helps the clinic offer a benefit where they set the budget and employees are empowered to get the health care they need.

As the manager of a new small business, Sarah Burke wanted to provide a health benefit that could help attract more employees. Group insurance was too expensive for the business, and the cost for employees was too high. Taxable stipends weren’t a good fit either. Through PeopleKeep, the veterinary hospital can provide a benefit that’s both affordable to the business and helpful to the diverse needs of its employees.

Sugar Plum couldn't find a group health insurance policy that fit the diverse needs of its employees. Now, with PeopleKeep, the company stands out among competitors with a health benefit that works for everyone.



PeopleKeep is changing the game with automation

PeopleKeep is changing the game with automation.

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