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Our point of view

Offering employee benefits shouldn't suck.

Offering traditional group benefits sucks. Why? They're too expensive, too complex, and too one-size-fits-all. Over the last 15 years, group health insurance costs have tripled. Today, less than 50 percent of small businesses offer group health insurance, and less than 15 percent offer a 401(k). Recent reforms have only made it harder, and costs are expected to continue to rise. After wages, benefits are the top influencer for where we work. Yet every year, fewer and fewer small businesses are able to use benefits to hire and keep their people. UNTIL NOW.

With PeopleKeep, it's simple, painless, and personal for everyone.

We've come up with a new way called personalized benefits. Most people believe benefits are the services a company offers, such as a health insurance plan or 401(k). With personalized benefits, it's the opposite. Companies give employees tax-free money to spend on the consumer services they find most valuable. It's as simple as wage. The company sets a monthly benefit allowance, and employees buy what fits their personal needs. This saves companies and employees an average of 35 percent in taxes compared with wages while avoiding the pains of offering traditional group benefits.



Why we exist

Our core purpose is to help people thrive. Right now, we are on a mission to personalize benefits for small business because:

  • Work is where people go to thrive.
  • Benefits exist to satisfy people’s most basic needs.
  • Traditional group benefits are too expensive, too complex, and too one-size-fits-all for small businesspeople.

We envision a solution that allows small businesses to define a monthly benefit allowance that employees personalize across all benefits (health, retirement, education, cell phone, transportation, etc.) based on their family’s needs. 

Our founding story

While working with small businesses for nearly a decade, cofounder Rick Lindquist discovered a big problem: After wages, benefits were the top influencer for where we work, yet every year, fewer and fewer small businesses were offering benefits. Rick and his team soon realized what small businesspeople have known for years: Offering traditional group benefits sucked because they were too expensive, too complex, and too one-size-fits-all. It wasn’t that small businesses didn’t want to offer benefits. It was that they couldn’t. They needed a new way that was simple, painless and personal. PeopleKeep was founded in June 2015 to create this new way called personalized benefits.

What we do

PeopleKeep has created a new way to offer benefits called personalized benefits. For small businesses that think offering traditional group benefits sucks, PeopleKeep is personalized benefits automation software that makes offering benefits simple, painless, and personal for everyone. Today more than 3,000 companies use PeopleKeep to hire and keep their people across the United States. PeopleKeep is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. For more information, see 

Company: PeopleKeep, Inc.

Phone: 1-800-391-9209

Headquarters: 383 West Vine Street, Suite 300, Salt Lake City, UT 84123


Sales territory: Nationwide

Ownership: Privately held

Date of Founding: 2015


Key facts and figures

PeopleKeep customers

  • 3,000 small business customers
  • Geographic spread: East: 11%, Midwest: 22%, South: 39%, West: 28%
  • Major industry representation: Nonprofits: 9%, Health care: 8%, Technology: 7%, Construction: 6%, Manufacturing: 6%
  • $606 average allowance for personalized health benefits for employees with a family
  • $357 average allowance for personalized health benefits for self-only employees

PeopleKeep reach

  • 200K+ monthly blog views
  • 150K+ downloads of educational resources
  • 11K+ subscribers
  • 3K+ customers
  • 1K+ ambassadors

PeopleKeep results

  • 35 percent average tax savings per customer
  • 47: net promoter score (NPS)


Our leadership team brings together expertise across product, design, engineering, service, sales, and marketing from companies including Intuit, Overstock, Experticity, and Intel. 

Chris Hansen

Chris Hansen


Prior to joining PeopleKeep, Chris was at Experticity, where he helped set the direction for the company's technology offerings and evolved the technical infrastructure for future growth and expansion. Prior to Experticity, Chris held various software development leadership roles at for more than 7 years. Chris received his B.S. in computer science from the University of Utah.

Dane Willis

Dane Willis


Prior to joining PeopleKeep, Dane held product management positions at Swipeclock and Experticity. Before moving into product management, Dane had a decade of experience in investment management and retirement benefits consulting. Dane received his B.S. in finance from Brigham Young University. Dane is a co-organizer of ProductTank Salt Lake City and is actively involved in the product community.

Ben Hanks

Ben Hanks


Ben has worked in software engineering for more than a decade. Prior to joining PeopleKeep, Ben held engineering positions at Blue Coat Systems (now part of Symantec),, and Progrexion. As an engineering lead, he still gets to play in the code, but also gets to help improve culture and processes. He received his B.S. in computer science from Weber State University.


Our signature product, PeopleKeep, is personalized benefits automation software that makes offering benefits simple, painless, and personal for everyone. 

PeopleKeep allows small businesses to give employees tax-free money to buy what fits their personal needs. There are no minimum budget requirements, and PeopleKeep works with employees’ existing consumer service providers, including doctors, pharmacies, and insurance companies. 

Unlike other providers, PeopleKeep is not a third-party administrator (TPA). Businesses can make changes to benefits at any time, and there’s no pre-funding and no debit card. That means businesses don’t have to try to get their money back when funds have been disbursed in error. 

How PeopleKeep works

Once businesses purchase the PeopleKeep product, they follow a four-step process.

1. The business creates a PeopleKeep account.

The business is guided through its benefits setup, including logging in to its benefits portal through its custom subdomain. From there, PeopleKeep gets the business its plan documents and helps it add any admins it would like to help manage the benefit along with all participants.

2. Launch the benefits program.

The business determines how much it wants to contribute to employees and when it wants benefits to start. PeopleKeep uses this information to generate the required legal documents. Finally, the business adds its employees and invites them to the benefits program. PeopleKeep provides the business with educational material and a launch checklist to make sure the rollout is a success.

3. Employees buy what fits their personal needs.

PeopleKeep helps each employee personalize their benefit. When employees log in for the first time, they’re given the knowledge and the tools they need to use the benefit based on their personal needs. The best part is that they can use PeopleKeep with their existing service providers - no changing insurance companies, doctors, or pharmacies. If employees need help, PeopleKeep has a marketplace of vetted service providers ready to provide shopping assistance.

4. PeopleKeep automates the rest.

Once everyone is set up, businesses log in periodically to record reimbursements and update employee information as new people join the company and others leave. PeopleKeep automates expense verification, which means employees get their requests quickly reviewed and the business doesn’t have to worry about it. The business and its employees can also come to PeopleKeep’s world-class support team with their questions whenever they have them.

The PeopleKeep software offers the current and future products:


  • Personalized health benefits, with optional waiting periods
  • Consumer marketplace
  • Time off
  • Employee management
  • Customer service
  • Stipends
  • Educational content


  • Personalized cell phone benefits
  • Personalized education benefits
  • Personalized transportation benefits
  • Personalized retirement benefits
  • Personalized discounts
  • Surveys

Simple, affordable pricing

  • Paid annually


  • Paid monthly


*One-time setup fee applies.


At PeopleKeep, we get a number of frequently asked questions about our business and the work we do. Read through this list to better understand PeopleKeep and our mission.


What are personalized benefits?

Personalized benefits are a new way to offer benefits.

Until now, most small businesses have been unable to offer traditional group benefits because they're too expensive, too complex, and too one-size-fits-all.

Most people believe benefits are the services a company offers, such as health insurance or a 401(k). With personalized benefits, it's the opposite. Companies give employees tax-free money to spend on the consumer services they find most valuable.

It's as simple as wages. The company sets a monthly benefit allowance, and employees buy what fits their personal needs.

This saves companies and employees an average of 35 percent in taxes compared with wages while avoiding the pains of offering traditional group benefits.

Why can't businesses administer personalized benefits on their own?

We've found that most business leaders and office managers wear too many hats already.

Manual administration of personalized benefits in compliance with tax, labor, and privacy laws takes hours per month. With PeopleKeep, it's minutes. More importantly, PeopleKeep formalizes your benefits so you can increase employee satisfaction and impress job candidates.

How does PeopleKeep help with personalized benefits administration?
We're leveraging technology to make the benefits process as simple and painless as possible for everyone. With PeopleKeep, businesses can administer benefits in less than 15 minutes a month.
How often does PeopleKeep release new features?
PeopleKeep is the only provider exclusively focused on personalized benefits automation, so users can expect to see new features and updates weekly.
How much does PeopleKeep cost?

One of the best things about personalized benefits is that the business gets to decide how much it wants to spend on benefits. Once the business decides on its benefits budget, PeopleKeep automates the rest with a monthly fee based on the number of benefit-eligible employees.

Use the pricing slider on this page to explore PeopleKeep's pricing structure.

How does PeopleKeep interact with accountants and other trusted advisors?

Accountants and other trusted advisors can join the PeopleKeep Ambassador program. Amassadors who refer clients can give then a $150 discount on PeopleKeep. They also get $150 for every company they refer that signs up.

The PeopleKeep Ambassador program gives Ambassadors access to exclusive content outlining how PeopleKeep makes offering benefits simple, painless, and personal for small businesses. Ambassadors also receive access to a custom link they can send to clients, which tracks and attributes all referrals back to them. 

How does PeopleKeep compare with competitors?

Unlike traditional account-based administrators, we don't handle businesses' money. There's no pre-funding and no debit card, which means businesses don't have to try to get their money back when funds have been disbursed in error.

And since businesses are always in control of their benefit, they can make adjustments at any time without incurring additional fees.


We’re proud that our product has helped people thrive across a variety of industries and all over the country. Here are some nice words from people we respect.

On PeopleKeep's simplicity

“PeopleKeep could not possibly be easier. Every time I have to submit something I always think I didn’t do it right because it seemed too easy - but it always works! And it’s so quick.” - Leah Colatosti, Digital Productivity Coach, Productive Power, LLC

On PeopleKeep's flexibility

“PeopleKeep was flexible enough to be all the different things we needed. It’s been really good for us.” - Julie McGuiness, Administrative Director, The Tamalpa Institute

See the Tamalpa case study >

On PeopleKeep's cost savings

“Traditional group benefits weren’t even remotely affordable. PeopleKeep is perfect for our company and perfect for our bottom line.” - Kelly Pfeiffer, Owner, Thriveworks

See the Thriveworks case study >

“PeopleKeep is easy to use and my overall experience has been positive. PeopleKeep helps me hire and retain talent by offering them benefits that may not have been financially viable otherwise.” - Colin Peterson, Managing Director, IsoTalent

On PeopleKeep's support team

“The PeopleKeep staff is really easy to get in touch with. They made this transition very easy.” - Sandi Fuqua, Office Manager, Whitley Law Firm

“PeopleKeep is totally awesome and 100 percent above and beyond almost every experience I have had in dealing with any business. Often I feel as though the companies I deal with couldn’t care less about me giving them my money and using their services.” - Justin Tabasso, Landman, Kastner Heritage Group

On employees' attitudes toward PeopleKeep

“Having PeopleKeep is a relief. It’s saved me a lot of time, and it makes me feel good that it’s there for our employees. They’re very excited about it, and every single person has been reimbursed for something.” - Emily Anderson, Office and Investor Operations Manager, mSIGNIA

See the mSIGNIA case study >

National news and media coverage

We’re proud that others have found our work as interesting and exciting as we do. Here are some excerpts from some of our biggest national news and media coverage, featuring PeopleKeep and Zane Benefits, a PeopleKeep company.

“[PeopleKeep CEO Rick Lindquist] envisions a future where employers might provide a fixed amount of tax-free reimbursement for health insurance, and let employees find a plan that best suits them. As long as there are safeguards, like no exclusions for pre-existing conditions or age, workers may end up liking such a system better than what exists now, Lindquist said. Some employees would rather have their compensation be more flexible, and would prefer a raise to comprehensive health coverage, he said.” - The Huffington Post, Ann Brenoff

“The [personalized benefits] approach allows employees to choose a health insurance policy that’s personalized to their needs while simplifying benefits for the entire company.” - Capital One, Gene Marks

“Zane [Benefits] has also done well in the last two years...In 2014, the company claimed about 2,600 businesses using its software. That number has grown to 3,500, and just last week the company released a spruced up version of its platform, now fully automated.” - Forbes, Robb Mandelbaum

“[Zane Benefits] believes it’s better for individuals to buy their own health-insurance policies because, under state and federal laws, the policies can’t be terminated for health reasons. By contrast, workers who lose group coverage when they’re laid off or change jobs may not be able to replace it.” - Wall Street Journal, Chad Terhune

“[Zane Benefits software] largely frees the company from the headaches of arranging health coverage by reimbursing employees for insurance they buy on their own.” - The New York Times, Robb Mandelbaum

Featured educational resources

Personalized Benefits: A New Way to Hire and Keep People

This 71-page eBook explores the personalized benefits concept, including what personalized benefits are, how they provide value to small businesses, how to design and administer a personalized benefits program, and how to communicate the program to employees. Click here.

The Comprehensive Guide to the Small Business HRA

This 60-page eBook contains everything you need to know about the Small Business Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA), or QSEHRA—the basis for PeopleKeep’s personalized health benefit. Click here.

How the QSEHRA Works for Employees

This 25-page eBook explains how the Small Business HRA (also called the Qualified Small Employer HRA, or QSEHRA) works for employees in a variety of situations. It also covers QSEHRA eligibility rules for business owners and how to communicate the benefit to job seekers. Click here.

How to Self-Administer a QSEHRA

This 34-page eBook covers how to self-administer the Small Business HRA (also called the Qualified Small Employer HRA, or QSEHRA). It includes instructions on how to set up plan documents, the potential costs associated with self-administration, and alternatives to self-administration. Click here.

Small Business Health Insurance Reimbursement: Annual Report 2017

This 38-page PDF report shares PeopleKeep information on how small businesses are using personalized health benefits. It shares average allowance amounts by state, industry, and company size; how much of participants’ premiums are covered by their allowances; which states have the highest utilization rates for personalized health benefits; and cost savings for businesses using personalized health benefits. Click here.

Business Owner Eligibility Under a QSEHRA

This infographic visually displays how business owners and their family members can benefit from a Small Business HRA (also called the Qualified Small Employer HRA, or QSEHRA). It covers C-corp owners, S-corp owners, partners, and sole proprietors. Click here.

Small Business Health Reimbursement Arrangement Eligibility Guide

This interactive tool displays all expenses eligible for reimbursement under a Small Business HRA as well as PeopleKeep’s personalized health benefit. Users can search for specific expenses and get more information on what’s required for reimbursement. Click here.

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Our areas of expertise

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  • Personalized benefits
  • Employee benefits
  • Health care reform
  • Health care policy
  • Tax policy
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  PeopleKeep is changing the game with automation.

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