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PeopleKeep Ambassador Program

Whether you are an accountant or a consultant, your job is to simplify life for your clients so they can focus on the core purpose of their business. PeopleKeep is here to make benefits simple and painless—for your client and for you. We start by treating your clients the same way you would. See how we can help.


Refer a client and you’ll both get $150.

"Very clean, efficient way to reimburse insurance premiums. "

Carl Hart

Owner, Hart Building and Roofing Supplies

"SOO Easy! Customer service is supreme!"

Tina Straw

Community Manager, Flux7 Labs

"For a small nonprofit like ourselves, this gives us a way to offer a health benefit without having to administer a group plan - which is beyond our budget.  Our employees feel appreciated - this is a win-win!"

Julie McGuinness

Administrative Director, Tamalpa Institute

"It is super easy to use and I can check the status of my reimbursement.  I also love how I get an email with updates.  Thank you!"

Cassandra Thomas

Customer Service Representative, Milkbarn

"Super convenient.  The one time I had to contact a customer service rep, they responded quickly, answered my questions, and followed up to make sure I had everything I needed."

Kimberly Bergstrom

Executive Director, AC Portland

"You have the best customer service!"

Tamara Martin

Publishing & Distribution Coordinator, Oasis International Limited

"I contact the PeopleKeep team OFTEN and even though some of my inquiries can be found on the portal, PeopleKeep always answers my questions in a timely manner and assists me as to where I can find more information as needed...Great team!"

Daniel Henderson

Technician, Infinity Building Solutions

"PeopleKeep is a very simple process with quick responses / approvals."

Angela Dodd

Production Manager, Keynote Technologies

"The customer service I received via chat was so helpful!"

Nora Ross

RN, Infusion Express

"It was so easy to get everything setup. The emails that PeopleKeep sends are helpful to make sure I know what's going on."

Kristen Mardis

Install Specialist, 4PatientCare

"PeopleKeep is very easy to use. Your team is very quick and responsive."

Alexander Curtis

Outreach & Engagement, Mimir Corportation

"I have already recommended PeopleKeep to other organizations."

Kathleen Wilson

Director of Operations, Round River Conservation Studies

"PeopleKeep is very easy to follow and very user friendly."

Manuel Lorenzo

Sales Trainer, CRM Backstop

"When I have questions, the PeopleKeep staff is always prompt and professional."

Wendy White

Executive Director, ATC Healthcare

"PeopleKeep was extremely easy to set up, and a great alternative to a traditional healthcare plan for a small company like ours."

Alexander Libby

CEO, ProductionPro Technologies

"PeopleKeep is easy for me to use and easy for my employees to use."

Jamy Earnest

Office Manager, Peak Activity

"PeopleKeep consistently provides stellar customer service to Human Resources, as well as our employees."

Cheryl Bach

HR Consultant, FS Consulting

"I appreciate the ease of PeopleKeep and I am glad that my company is helping me with my healthcare costs."

Molly McFall

Customer Success Hero, 4PatientCare

"PeopleKeep is convenient and easy."

Jon Hinkson

Ministry Director, Rivendell Institute

"PeopleKeep has been great for our organization and staff members."

Joel Mackey

Executive Director, West Contra Costa Public Education Fund


Who should join our PeopleKeep Ambassador Program?

We’re happy to work with small, independent accountants and individual consultants as well as national benefits firms. The important thing is you have established relationships with the companies you want to introduce to PeopleKeep.

What companies are best for PeopleKeep?

PeopleKeep is a new way to offer benefits called personalized benefits. For small businesses that think offering traditional group benefits sucks, PeopleKeep is personalized benefits automation software that makes offering benefits simple, painless, and personal for everyone. Companies best suited for our solutions are usually small businesses with fewer than 50 employees.

How and when will commission be paid out?

PeopleKeep uses our integration partner Dwolla for all our commission payments, which are paid monthly on the fifteenth day of each month (or closest business day).

What happens after I sign up?

Once you sign up, you’ll have immediate access to special PeopleKeep content that you can post on your site, as well as your unique share link. You can post this link to your social media channels or email the link to your clients, which will then redirect them to a PeopleKeep “Demo request” page. You will also receive an email containing great content to help you better understand all things PeopleKeep and personalized benefits.

Is there a limit to how much I can earn?

There is no limit on how much aggregate commission you can earn. Only new client referrals are applicable, and referrals must be recognized prior to or at the point our sales team engages. This means any referral that is currently engaged in our sales process, or whose parent company or affiliated companies are current PeopleKeep clients, will not be eligible for a commission, but we are happy to include you in the sales process. If you have further questions, email the address provided in your welcome email.

How do I track my referrals and commissions?

When you enroll, you will have access to a robust partner portal that will allow you to not only share content and submit referrals, but also to access your personal dashboard showing all your referrals and earned commissions. You can log in anytime to see the status of your referrals. 
Still have questions?

Still have questions?

PeopleKeep is changing the game with automation

PeopleKeep is changing the game with automation.

Join more than 3,000 companies. Start offering benefits today.