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Healthcare Infographic - How Much Does a Hospital Stay Cost?

Written by: PeopleKeep Team
November 21, 2013 at 11:00 AM

With healthcare reform on the horizon, the cost of health care and health insurance is on everyone's mind. Health insurance is meant to protect us financially when we are sick or injured. 

It's estimated that 18.4 million Americans had an overnight hospital stay last year, with the average hospital stay five days. 

Here's an interesting infographic that shows the cost of a hospital stay by type of insurance, and without insurance. It also looks at the cost of various medical procedures with and without insurance. 

How much does an average hospital stay cost? $9,700. But, this price tag varies significantly by type of insurance coverage (and if you have insurance coverage).

  • Covered under Medicare? Your hospital stay averages $11,600.
  • Have private insurance? Your hospital stay averages $9,100.
  • Is your hospital stay for treatment of a urinary tract infection? Without insurance your bill may be more than $73,000. With insurance, the cost averages $2,400.

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Infographic source: Intuit "Insuring Your Future"


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