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Top Recruiting Strategies for Your Veterinary Clinic - How Do YOU Recruit?

Recruitment/Retention • January 23, 2015 at 3:00 PM • Written by: PeopleKeep Team

With as much energy and passion as you have for your veterinary clinic, it’s no wonder so many people love bringing their furry friends to you for care. But, you’re only one person and can’t do it all - you need a staff equally as committed and enthusiastic as yourself. The question is, how do you recruit them? Here are the top recruiting strategies for your veterinary clinic

Do You Really Need a Recruiting Strategy?Top Recruiting Strategies for Your Veterinary Clinic - How Do YOU Recruit?

If you aren’t already aware, it is important to have a recruiting strategy for your veterinary clinic. Why? It’s not complicated - strategy equals success. And while flying by the seat of your pants sounds fun, it’s not as fruitful as having a good, set strategy. So, let’s talk about the strategies you can utilize in your veterinary clinic.

Go for the Gold - Mining from Schools

Colleges and Universities: This is the top recruiting strategy for your veterinary clinic because, in theory, colleges and universities are your gold mines for finding candidates. If you’re looking for another veterinarian for your clinic, you may have to go to one of the 29 different colleges in the U.S. that currently offer a D.V.M or V.M.D. degree. However, if you’re simply looking for a veterinary technologist, you can go to any local college that offers the degree and recruit.

High Schools: Now the fun part. To find veterinary assistants, it’s much more simple and really fun. As you know, they only need a high school diploma, so you have the opportunity to go to local high schools and present to seniors. Upon graduation, you may find a handful of graduates that are excited to start working and being an assistant is a great way for them to know what career path to take.

Be Bold: As you’re talking to students and new graduates, go out of your comfort zone a little bit. In other words, make same-day job offers if you really like the passion and enthusiasm that you see. Furthermore, if your veterinary clinic offers affordable healthcare benefits, a company culture that rocks, and other great perks, use them as leverage as you’re trying to get candidates to become part of your clinic.

Right Under Your Nose - Employee Referrals

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask: It’s simple, ask your employees “hey, I really value all of you and enjoy working with you, do you know anyone who would be a perfect fit in our clinic?” Easy, right? And honestly, that’s all it takes. Remember, don’t be afraid to ask your employees because, chances are, they know someone who is just as amazing as they are.

Keepin’ Up With the Times - Social Media for Recruiting

Don’t Brush off Social Media: What do I mean? Social media may seem like a lot of fluff, but in reality, it’s the best way to reach thousands of people in a matter of minutes. Play around a little bit on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Once you’re familiar with them, start to post interesting and fun topics to catch people’s attention. Then, you can start to post job positions. It’s really not as difficult as some may feel. So, don’t brush off social media - it’s certainly one of the top recruiting strategies to find candidates.

Make Social Media Your Friend: Let’s be honest, you’re never going to use social media unless you see the value behind it. What is the value? Think of sites like Facebook and Twitter as a way for you to communicate with your customers all at once. Are you thankful for their business? Post your gratitude often. Do you have tips for your customers’ beloved pets and how to take care of them? Post a quick tip or advice. Once you start this, you’ll begin to see why people absolutely love social media. Then, posting job positions will be a natural transition for you and become second nature.


These top recruiting strategies are tried-and-true. And with a wealth of knowledge regarding top recruiting strategies, your veterinary clinic is sure to thrive. Remember these key points:

  • You do need a recruiting strategy

  • Colleges, universities, and high schools are the place you’ll find candidates

  • Don’t rule out your current employees - ask them for referrals

  • Use social media - it’s your best friend for recruiting

What do you think of our top recruiting strategies? Would you add anything to the list? Comment below to let us know!

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