11 Strategies for building an outstanding employee retention program on a small business budget



How can you improve employee retention and engagement without breaking the bank?

Most businesses have a strategy for attracting and recruiting employees,
but what about retention? When a key employee is on board, how do you
keep them from leaving for one of your competitors?

The loss of a key employee can be devastating. It can mean the difference between accomplishing key business goals and falling short.

Employee turnover also costs organizations time and money and can
affect employee morale. It often leaves hiring managers scrambling
to find, hire, and train a replacement without disrupting operations or
breaking the bank.

This guide will provide 11 practical strategies for building an outstanding employee retention program to keep your talent engaged and satisfied, including:

  • What is employee turnover?
  • How to track your employee retention rate and cost of turnover
  • How to find and keep the best employees
  • How to create a culture your competition will envy

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