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Employee Retention - The Top 10 Workplace Perks Employees Want

Health Benefits • February 28, 2020 at 12:30 PM • Written by: Abby Rosenberger

What do employees value with workplace perks? And do the perks motivate them to stay with the company?

In a recent study, twenty-six percent (26%) of employees said that special workplace perks are an effective way to improve employee retention.

When asked to identify one perk that would make their workplace more satisfying, employees scored half-day Fridays, convenient gym access, and casual dress the highest.

According to the study by CareerBuilder.com, here are the top ten (10) workplace perks that scored highest when employees were asked to identify one perk that would make their workplace more satisfying.

What Workplace Perks Do Employees Want?

1. Half-day Fridays (40%)

The top choice was a half day on Fridays, which 40% of respondents said would be their number one workplace perk.

2. On-site fitness center (20%)

In second place was an on-site fitness center, with 20% of employees saying easy access to gyms would increase their job satisfaction.

3. Ability to wear jeans (18%)

Having a casual dress code was the most preferred perk by 18% of employees and doesn't cost employers anything to implement.

4. Daily catered lunches (17%)

Seventeen percent of employees wished their employer would provide daily lunches, which could improve satisfaction, and productivity as employees don’t need to leave the office to buy food.

5. Massages (16%)

Sixteen percent of employees wanted massages to relax in the workplace.

6. Nap room (12%)

Need a quick rest? According to the USA Today, companies such as The Huffington Post, Google, Procter & Gamble, and Nationwide Planning Associates have created napping rooms or pods in their offices, a perk that 12% of employees surveyed also wanted.

7. Rides to and from work (12%)

Twelve percent of respondents said transportation to and from work would be their preferred perk.

8. Snack cart that comes around the office (8%)

Having a snack cart come around the office would permit employees to fuel up while never leaving their desks. Eight percent of employees said this perk would most improve their job satisfaction.

9. Private restroom (7%)

Having their own restroom would make 7% of workers very appreciative, though this perk may be hard for most businesses to accomodate.

10. On-site daycare (6%)

Lastly, 6% said having an on-site daycare would be their most desired workplace perk. 

What Entices Employees to Stay with the Company?

What else besides workplace perks entice employees to stay with the company? According to the survey, 70% of employees said that increasing salaries is the best way to boost employee retention while 58% said better benefits.

Other workplace characteristics employees said employers should take to reduce voluntary turnover include:

  • Provide flexible schedules (51%)

  • Increase employee recognition (awards, cash prizes, company trips) (50%)

  • Ask employees what they want and put feedback into action (48%)

  • Increase training and learning opportunities (35%)

  • Hire additional workers to ease workloads (22%)

  • Provide academic reimbursement (22%)

  • Carve out specific career paths and promote more (21%)

  • Institute a more casual dress code (14%)

Source: CareerBuilder.com

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