How to Find Great Managers

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Originally published on January 8, 2015. Last updated July 9, 2015.

Tell me if I’m right - you’ve got the perfect manager in your head. This manager never complains, alwaysHow to Find Great Managers gets their work done exactly how you want, and somehow they think just like you. That would be a pretty amazing manager, wouldn’t it? What if I told you there is the perfect manager out there and that you can hire them for your small business?  Here’s how to find this needle in the haystack.

What Makes a Great Manager?

First and foremost, what makes a great manager? Yes, we’ve all got the vision of an idealistic manager in our head, but there has to be specific qualities that make one manager stand out from the rest, right? You bet there are. A great manager:

  • Goes the extra mile with an optimistic attitude

  • Is transparent, factual, and straightforward

  • Demonstrates maturity in all situations

  • Is not afraid to reinforce accountability

  • Develops their team members to become the best they can be

  • Is willing to do what it takes to succeed

Finding the Diamond in the Rough

You know what to look for in a manager, but how do you find the diamond in the rough? Here are four steps.

  1. Get out there and get your hands dirty. If you want to find a gem, you’ll need to put in the time and get your hands dirty. This will include interviewing, reviewing resumes, and talking with everyone you know for referrals.

  2. Actively seek outstanding managers. If you hear of or see a great manager who is already employed, don’t be afraid to talk to them about your small business and what you’re looking for. You never know, what you have to offer might give them enough reason to come work for your company.

  3. Use your closest resources and be transparent. It’s not difficult to talk to current employees, friends, and post on social media that you’re looking for a manager. Furthermore, be transparent and specific by saying exactly what kind of a manager you’re looking for. Doing this will weed out the so-so candidates from the great ones.

  4. Take action! If you find the manager you want to hire, don’t let them slip through the cracks - hire them. The longer you take on deciding, the more likely you could lose the opportunity to hire a specific candidate.

Keeping Great Managers

Alright, now you have the tools to find the manager. But what does the future look like? How can you make sure they’ll stick around?

Truth is, a great manager is more likely to stay with your small business when they have a good reason to. In other words, invest in your managers. You can offer specific benefits and perks to make sure they’re in it for the long run. For example, you can offer excellent healthcare benefits, generous time off, relaxed dress code, etc.


Finding a great manager isn’t impossible. In fact, now you have everything you need to find the perfect manager for your small business. Get out there and have fun with this - don’t be afraid to be bold, work hard, and promote your business and the perks/benefits you offer.

What other ideas do you have to find a great manager and how would you execute them? Comment below and let us know!

Originally published on January 8, 2015. Last updated July 9, 2015.


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