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Why Employee Development is Important to the Culture of a Company

Small Business • December 3, 2014 at 1:16 PM • Written by: PeopleKeep Team

When it comes to company culture, it can be compared to an individual’s personality. Just as there are those who have exciting, dry, humorous, and strict personalities, the culture of a company can have a similar personality. As such, how does employee development affect the culture of a company? Here are a few reasons.Why Employee Development is Important to the Culture of a Company

Reason #1: Employees Need the Right Tools

With lean staffing and limited resources, it can be tempting for small and growing companies to skip over employee training. But, employees cannot do their jobs if they do not have the proper knowledge and tools. When you provide your employees with the tools they need to succeed, they can contribute towards a culture that is educated and efficient.

Idea: Invest in a training session or webinar for one or two key staff, and then ask them to train the remaining staff on their learnings. This is budget-friendly and reinforces a culture of learning.

Reason #2: A Company’s Dedication to its Employees Says a Lot

Employee development is a direct reflection of how much you value your employees, as well as how much you value the work your company performs.

In a company that values learning and training, employees help each other and learn together, and they collectively become experts. Valuing your employees and their success will result in a company culture that is willing and ready. Each company has its own challenges to overcome and when employees are just as ready as you are to overcome them, unity and teamwork become a valuable part of your culture.

Reason #3: Development Leads to Positive Attitudes

Just as an individual with a positive attitude can lighten a situation, so can the positive culture of a company. Some of the most successful companies in the world have positive cultures simply because their employees have positive attitudes.

When you provide team building activities to create a positive culture, or incorporate other positive development exercises, your employees begin to understand the value and impact of a positive attitude. It becomes part of the culture.

Reason #4: Development Gives Your Company a Competitive Edge

Employees who are fully trained and up-to-date on the latest industry knowledge provide your company a competitive edge. Creating a culture of learning allows your employees to be experts in their respective positions. Additionally, employees who receive continual training and professional development are more likely to stay with your company. You begin to develop a company culture of dedicated employees who want to stick around.

As you look into what your company’s culture is, you’ll begin to see just how important it is to success. As you develop your company’s culture into one that is positive, upbeat, ready and willing, educated, and dedicated, the potential for growth is unlimited. Additionally, your company will be one that is revered and valued not only by your employees, but by other companies as well. You’ll become an employer of choice.

What have you done to develop your company’s culture? And what are some of your best practices? Join the discussion and comment below!

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