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Through Zane’s GroupHRA, Family Owned Seafood Company Saves $60,000 on Employee Health Benefits

Small Business • November 9, 2012 at 11:06 AM • Written by: PeopleKeep Team

Business Info:

FJ Ohara LogoF.J. O’Hara & Sons Inc is a seafood company with offices in Boston, Massachusetts, and Miami, Florida. Utilizing a large fleet within Alaska, the North Atlantic and the Caribbean, F.J. O’Hara & Sons is renowned for its product operations from processing to distribution. With 100 years of industry experience, O’Hara’s customers enjoy the widest range of fresh seafood available on the market today.   




Seafood and Marine Services

Contact Name:

Frank Taylor, Director of Information Technology

The Challenge:

In a highly competitive industry, F.J. O’Hara & Sons requires health benefits to recruit and retain top employees. To lower health care costs, O’Hara sought a solution that would provide the same level of health benefits to employees while also creating additional corporate savings. 

The Solution:

In March of 2010, F.J. O’Hara & Sons partnered with Zane Benefits to offer a GroupHRA. This allowed O’Hara to raise their group health deductible while offering a tax deductible HRA to its employees. This resulted in $60,000 in group health care savings for the business, with family health plans dropping $300/month and single health plans dropping $200/month.

Additionally, Frank Taylor, Director of Information Technology, states, “Zane Benefits offers the best designed website and information system I have seen ever.  As an application developer myself, I have seen many systems and this system is in my opinion the gold standard that all others should strive to achieve.  Clean, easy to use and submit and track.  It practically runs itself and needs no work from the company administrator.”

“Zane Benefits is a model of the industry, they have it down to a science saving us money, time and administration.”

Measurable Results:

  • Yearly group health care savings of $60,000

  • Family health plan savings of $300/month

  • Single health plan savings of $200/month

Note: Zane Benefits is now PeopleKeep. For modern benefit solutions, see health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs) or employee stipends.

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