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Love INC of Yakima Offers Cost-Effective Health Benefits For The First Time

Nonprofit • May 23, 2013 at 4:05 PM • Written by: PeopleKeep Team

Non-Profit Info:

Love INC of Yakima is a small faith-based non-profit in Yakima, Washington. The mission of Love INC is to mobilize local churches to transform lives and communities. Love INC of Yakima is one of more than 160 Love In the Name of Christ (Love INC) affiliates across the country, and focuses on alleviating poverty and financial coaching. Love INC was formed nationally in 1977 and is is one of the most effective management, mobilization, and networking tools available to churches today.Love INC logo




Non-Profit, Faith-Based

Contact Name:

Elizabeth Benefiel, Executive Director

The Challenge:

​As a very small non-profit, Love INC wanted to provide a health care benefit to it's one full time employee. However like many small non-profits, they could not find an affordable traditional health insurance option. With a limited health benefits budget, Love INC was looking for a solution that would allow the non-profit to:

  • Contribute tax-free to the full time employees' individual health insurance premiums and other medical expenses

  • Easily and quickly administer the benefits platform

  • Have full control over the cost of the health benefit

The Solution:

After researching various options, Love INC decided on offering tax-free reimbursement of health insurance premiums and medical expenses through a "pure" defined contribution health plan model. Love INC partnered with Zane Benefits in February 2013 to implement and offer a "pure" defined contribution health plan.

Adopting and implementing the "pure" defined contribution health plan model allowed Love INC to:

  • Offer health benefits for the first time without the steep cost or complication of a group health insurance plan.

  • Leverage defined contribution software to easily administer the benefit and quickly issue reimbursements.

  • Provide cost predictability and accountability to the Board of Directors, including minimal start-up cost.

Elizabeth Benefiel, Executive Director of Love INC of Yakima states "Using the Zane software is delightfully easy. Submitting my claims is quick and very simple. The Office Manager that processes payroll is also pleased with the ease of access and how simple the process is. It was very easy to learn. We have found the Zane staff to be friendly, helpful, and responsive."

Measurable Results:

  • Love INC now offers their valued Executive Director an affordable health benefit

  • Zane provides a low maintenance, worry-free reimbursement processes

  • Love INC's Executive Director receives additional tax-free compensation for medical care expenses

  • Zane provides easy-to-use software administration and first-class support

"Zane Benefits is a fantastic option for small non-profits like Love INC. It has enabled us to provide a health benefit without the exorbitant cost of a group health insurance plan. I would recommend it (and have!) to anyone." - Elizabeth Benefiel, Love INC of Yakima Executive Director

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