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Session 1: How the HRA works for employees

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When a company considers offering an HRA, they want to be sure their employees will find it valuable.

In this first session in a three-part webinar series, we show exactly what the HRA experience is like for an employee. We walk through:

  • The basics of how an HRA works
  • How your employee can buy health insurance
  • What they need to do when they go to the doctor or have another expense
  • How they’ll submit expenses for reimbursement
  • How your employee will receive reimbursement
  • Which expenses are eligible
  • How an expense is approved
  • How the allowance works, including rollover, recommended amounts, and more

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On December 17, we'll go over how the HRA works on the employer side. And in January, how brokers, CPAs, and other advisors can use the HRA in their business.