The Generational employee benefits comparison chart



Offering quality employee benefits is one of the best ways to attract
and retain top talent, especially in a tight labor market.

However, offering one-size-fits all benefits—regardless of quality–
may not be enough. Your employees are unique. They each come
from different backgrounds, especially if you have a wide range of
employees across the five working generations: The Silent Generation,
Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z. As a
result, each of your employees has distinct needs and wants.

So how does an employee’s age impact the benefits they want, and
how do you offer benefits that satisfy everyone?

This comparison chart will highlight the different types of benefits each
generation cares about the most and the least, as well as how to best
recruit or retain each group. It also offers an alternative to traditional
benefits that allows you to meet your diverse workforce’s needs.

This guide includes:

  • How do the benefits employees want differ by age?
  • Generation Z benefits chart
  • Millennials benefits chart
  • Generation X benefits chart
  • Baby Boomers benefits chart
  • Silent Generation benefits chart
  • What are personalized benefits, and how do they address generational differences?

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