With a growing economy and tight labor market, employees expect better working conditions and benefits. Otherwise, they'll go elsewhere. 

Taking care of your employees is more important than ever. Employees who feel appreciated and taken care of are more likely to stay with your organization, even at times when there are more job openings than available workers. 

You can ensure that your employees feel valued by offering an employee benefits package centered on your employees' well-being. 

This guide will explore how to encourage and support employee wellbeing, both in the office and outside of the workplace. Topics include:

  1. Why employee well-being matters
  2. Traditional employee wellness benefits and ideas
  3. Digital employee wellness benefits and ideas
  4. What is a wellness stipend?
  5. How to administer a wellness stipend

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Employee wellness programs and benefits aren't just for tech companies anymore. Employee wellness is about more than physical health. Well-being includes mental health, relaxation, de-stressing, workplace culture, and diversity and inclusion.

Workplace wellness initiatives and perks:

  • Reduce employee burnout
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve morale

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