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PeopleKeep’s stipend administration software allows business owners to provide custom perks to better strengthen the employee experience and promote inclusivity


What is WorkPerks?

WorkPerks is a software solution that allows you to offer reimbursable employee perks or fringe benefits. With WorkPerks, businesses of all sizes can enrich and expand their employee benefits package to strengthen the employee experience. With employer-set reimbursement amounts, easy-to-use dashboards, and award-winning customer support, we’ll help you care for your people so you can focus on growing your business.

“PeopleKeep is great to work with! They walked us through every step of the setup process. They are extremely helpful and available anytime we have questions. The reimbursement process is smooth and easy.”

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How WorkPerks helps businesses support employees


Personalize your benefit

With WorkPerks, employers can choose to offer a wide variety of health, wellness, and remote work benefits options.

QSEHRA_Tax-free for employers and employees

Easy to use

No matter how many stipends an employer chooses to offer, all of them can be administered in one place—no need to juggle multiple vendors or jump between different logins.

QSEHRA icons_Recruit top talent

Recruit top talent

Aside from salary, benefits are the top consideration applicants make before accepting a job offer. Offering WorkPerks helps make your overall benefits package more attractive. 


Benefits equity

Benefits are a great way for employers to level the playing field and create equity among their employees. WorkPerks allows employees to choose how and when to use their allowances.

What sets WorkPerks apart from other stipend solutions?

QSEHRA icons_Award-winning customer support

Award-winning customer support

Whether it’s by phone, email, or live chat, our responsive, U.S.-based customer support team and robust help center articles are there for you and your employees anytime you need us.

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User-friendly dashboards

Administering WorkPerks only takes a few minutes every month, thanks to our easy-to-use dashboards. You can see who’s using your benefits, check reimbursement amounts owed to employees, and track payments owed to employees on their next paycheck. 

GCHRA icons_Customize your plan

Completely customizable

From setting up employee classes to choosing how much you want to reimburse each month, WorkPerks is completely customizable and designed to tailor the needs of you and your employees. 

Reimbursement model

Flexible reimbursement model

With WorkPerks, there’s no need to deposit money into an account. Your benefit funds stay with the business until you approve and reimburse your employees directly. WorkPerks helps you ensure that your benefits dollars are being spent how you intended. 

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Service the way it should be

At PeopleKeep, we understand that quality employee benefits are important to both you and your employees. By offering WorkPerks with PeopleKeep, you’ll be able to ensure that your employees get the most out of their employee benefits.

Maybe that’s why we have hundreds of five-star reviews on Google, Capterra, and G2. Or maybe it’s because customers love how intuitive and simple our software is to use. Either way, our team handles the administrative and compliance burden so you can focus on running your organization.

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How to use WorkPerks

With WorkPerks, you offer employees a monthly allowance for the benefits you choose to offer. Employees then make qualified purchases, you approve or reject their expenses, and finally reimburse them up to their allowance amount.

Here’s a six-step breakdown of the process:

Step 1

Step 1: Create a PeopleKeep account

To get started, you’ll create a PeopleKeep account for your organization. Here you’ll fill in basic information about your organization, like company name, address, and phone number.

You’ll also include some basic contact information about yourself as the benefits administrator. Once in the system, you’ll be able to add and manage benefits, users, and billing information.

Step 2: Design your WorkPerks benefit

Now you’re ready to design your benefit so it’s tailored to you and your employees. This includes setting up a start date, allowance amount, which benefits you’d like to offer, and other optional features like a waiting period.

You’ll choose the eligible categories within each perk you want allowances applied to, as listed below:

Step 2


  • Insurance premiums: Health
  • Insurance premiums: Dental
  • Insurance premiums: Vision
  • Chiropractic care
  • Direct primary care network membership fees
  • Health sharing membership fees
  • Medical services (office visits, co-pays, etc.)
  • Prescriptions


  • Exercise classes
  • Exercise equipment
  • Gym or studio memberships
  • Wearables and devices
  • Wellness mobile apps 

Remote work: 

  • Cell phone 
  • Internet access
  • Office set-up

If you want to offer different benefits to different groups of employees, you can do so by creating eligible employee classes. Employers can base eligibility on class membership as long as they use bonafide job-based criteria such as salaried, full-time, hourly, etc.

Step 3

Step 3: Add your people and launch your WorkPerks benefit

Next, you’ll add the names and emails of each of the employees you want to participate in your WorkPerks benefits. Once invited, employees will receive an email with details about their new WorkPerks benefit and how it works.

Step 4: Employees make purchases and submit proof of expenses

Next, after an employee is formally enrolled in the benefit, employees can refer to their employer’s list of approved expenses, and make out-of-pocket purchases.

After making an eligible purchase, employees submit necessary documentation to PeopleKeep as proof of purchase. This can be a receipt or invoice, depending on the expense that’s being submitted for reimbursement.

Step 4
Step 5

Step 5: Tax treatment is calculated

All reimbursements made through WorkPerks are subject to both payroll and income taxes. However, depending on the type of stipend you’re looking to reimburse, and what state you’re in, tax treatment may vary. Our platform and experts on our support team will help make sure you always stay compliant.

Step 6: Submitted expenses are reviewed and reimbursed

Once the expense is submitted, benefit admins can review the documentation for the expense to ensure it’s how you intended your employees to spend their WorkPerks allowances. However, benefit administrators aren’t required to review expenses. 

Once you approve or reject employee expenses, you’ll make a payment to your employees. Most employers choose to reimburse employees through payroll by adding a separate line item to the payroll check. However, admins may also process a separate payment via cash or check.

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*Medical expenses that fall under IRS Publication 502 will not require proof of purchase, as doing so would change reimbursement rules related to stipends and create requirements for employers related to HIPAA, ERISA, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and others.

Step 6

Offering personalized benefits is possible with PeopleKeep

Get ready to implement budget-friendly, compliant benefits without the hassle. 


Personalized employee benefits to recruit and retain top talent.

Calculate your price:

Starting at


Billed Monthly

$30 Base Fee + $5 Per Seat (3 seat minimum)

$150 one time set-up fee

All eligible employees are included in the per-employee fee

Starting at


Billed Annually

$30 Base Fee + $5 Per Seat (3 seat minimum)

$150 one time set-up fee

All eligible employees are included in the per-employee fee


  • Employee size: No limit
  • Annual plans are non-refundable,12-month contracts
  • Group policy status: Can work with or without a group health insurance policy
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does PeopleKeep’s software do?

PeopleKeep’s software helps employers administer personalized benefits in just minutes per month. It makes employee benefits management smooth, efficient, and meaningful to employees. WorkPerks with PeopleKeep also gives employers access to award-winning customer support for themselves and their employees.

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Can employees choose where to spend their allowance?

Yes! Unlike other employee benefits solutions, employees aren’t limited to a set marketplace of vendors that they need to shop from with WorkPerks. Employees are welcome to make purchases from anywhere, so long as the expense itself is eligible for reimbursement, as determined by the employer.

How do stipends differ from business expenses?

While stipends can include work-related expenses such as office equipment and internet access they can also include expenses that are for your employees’ personal use outside of work, such as gym memberships, wellness apps, and mental health counseling.

Does PeopleKeep have hidden fees?

We don’t believe in hidden fees at PeopleKeep. The only charges that will show up on your invoices are the one-time setup fee when you first purchase a plan, the monthly base fee, and the monthly per-employee fee.

What payment methods does PeopleKeep accept?

We accept credit card and ACH payments.

Can I offer PeopleKeep WorkPerks and a PeopleKeep HRA?

Yes! WorkPerks can be offered together with any of our HRA products or as standalone benefits. So whether you only want to offer WorkPerks, or want to offer them alongside an HRA, PeopleKeep can help.


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