New Infographic on Buying Individual Health Insurance

Infographic Helps Employees Understand How to Buy Individual Health Insurance in 4 Simple Stepshealth insurance infographic

Zane Benefits, the #1 Online Health Benefits Solution, announced today the publication of an original infographic "How to Buy Individual Health Insurance in 4 Simple Steps."

According to Zane Benefits, the number of people with individual health insurance is expected to increase from 14 million in 2011 to 31 million by 2020.

This is a significant change in how employees purchase health insurance. For most, buying health insurance on their own is new, and many employees feel scared or confused.

However, the new individual health insurance market makes applying for insurance easier, and allows employees to take control of their own healthcare.

According to Zane Benefits, the shift toward individual health insurance doesn't mean that employers are dropping health benefits all together.

Employers can help employees with the cost of their individual health insurance with defined contribution healthcare allowances. 

The new infographic helps employees understand how to purchase individual health insurance, and outlines how employers can help by offering defined contribution healthcare allowances.

The free infographic is available at the website (no download required) and provides a look the following topics:

  • Why 2014 is the year of individual health insurance

  • The 4 steps to buying an individual health policy

  • How employers can help with defined contribution

If you find the infographic helpful, please share it with friends, employees, or colleagues. You can embed the infographic on your website or download the PDF from SlideShare.

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