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Free eBook: The 10 Reasons Group Health Insurance is Evil

Written by: PeopleKeep Team
Nov 7, 2014 6:00:00 AM

New eBook Helps Employers Understand Why Individual Health Insurance is Better for America

Zane Benefits, the leader in individual health insurance reimbursement for small businesses, announced today the publication of a new eBook, "The 10 Reasons Group Health Insurance is Evil." The eBook helps employers understand what has gone wrong with group health insurance and why individual health insurance is now superior.

New eBook on Why Group Health Insurance is Evil

According to Zane Benefits, millions of working Americans believe that the only way they can get good health insurance is from an employer. Until recently, their belief was accurate.

However, in the past few years, a quiet revolution has changed the health insurance options available to employees and businesses: Individual health insurance has become cheaper and better than traditional group health insurance.

As companies rapidly begin to cancel group health insurance plans, many are giving all or part of the savings to employees to reimburse them for all or a portion of their individual health insurance premiums. This concept is commonly referred to as employer-funded individual health insurance, or defined contribution health benefits.

The 27-page eBook is available for free download at the zanebenefits.com website and covers the following topics: 

  • Why employees should be asking their employer to cancel group health insurance

  • The 10 reasons group health insurance is evil

  • How switching to individual health insurance saves 20-60% on healthcare costs

  • Why employer-funded individual health insurance is the obvious solution

Download the eBook Now!

About Zane Benefits, Inc.

Zane Benefits is the leader in individual health insurance reimbursement for small businesses. Since 2006, Zane Benefits has been on a mission to bring the benefits of individual health insurance to business owners and their employees. Zane Benefits' software helps businesses reimburse employees for individual health insurance plans for annual savings of 20 to 60 percent compared with traditional employer-provided health insurance. Zane Benefits' software was been featured on the front-page of The Wall Street Journal, the USA Today, and The New York Times. Learn more at www.zanebenefits.com.

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