Free eBook: Employer-Funded Individual Health Insurance Worksheets

New eBook Helps Employers and Health Insurance Professionals Conduct a Cost Analysis of Employer-Funded Individual Health Insurance

Zane Benefits, which provides small businesses with simple and friendly healthcare solutions, announced today the publication of a new eBook, "Employer-Funded Individual Health Insurance Worksheets." The easy-to-use worksheets help employers and health insurance professionals perform a cost analysis of employer-funded individual health insurance.

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According to Zane Benefits, over the next three years, 60 percent of businesses are expected to cancel group health insurance coverage in favor of employer-funded individual health insurance. Cost is a significant motivating factor behind this shift. 

Instead of providing a one-size-fits-all group health insurance plan, your company reimburses employees for their own individual policies purchased independent of employment. This gives employees the opportunity to pick their own plan, rather than paying for an expensive policy they didn't choose.

This eBook contains a set of worksheets that walk you through how to calculate the costs of group health insurance vs. employer-funded individual health insurance. Download this free eBook to:

  • Calculate the cost of employer-funded individual health insurance

  • Calculate and analyze the monthly and annual savings 

  • Design an employer-funded individual health insurance plan

  • See examples of employer-funded individual health insurance plans and plan designs

Download this free eBook to see how much you could save by switching to employer-funded individual health insurance!

Download the eBook Now!

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