Connecticut Chamber Insurance Trust And PeopleKeep Partnership

Sale Lake City, UT - 2/17/2020 - The Connecticut Chamber Insurance Trust has partnered with PeopleKeep, a health benefits software company, to provide valuable resources for companies seeking to implement benefit programs for employees.

The partnership aims to fulfill a longstanding need in Connecticut’s small and midsize business communities to offer affordable health benefits to employees and compete with larger companies for top tier talent.

“PeopleKeep’s alternative to traditional group health insurance gives business owners a chance to compete with bigger companies for top talent,” said Stephen Glick, President of the Chamber Insurance Trust in Connecticut. He continues, “we’re excited to have them work with businesses in our community and support their growth.”

PeopleKeep’s software facilitates a health insurance benefit called a health reimbursement arrangement (HRA). With this benefit, employers are able to make tax-free reimbursements for employees’ out-of-pocket health expenses and individual health insurance premiums.

In the last few years the Affordable Care Act has opened the opportunity for increased access to healthcare programs. However, it did not help with the affordability of more traditional group health insurance offerings.

Health reimbursement arrangements allow businesses to offer competitive health benefits to employees while retaining complete control over their budgets; in addition to gaining access to payroll and income tax savings. On average, businesses and employees save a combined 35% on taxes through a health reimbursement arrangement.

In regard to the new partnership, PeopleKeep’s Director of Business Development, JD Cleary said, “At PeopleKeep, we’re thrilled about this new partnership, and we will be providing free consultations to Chamber Insurance Trust members to help them decide if an HRA will be a good fit for their business.”

Business owners and office managers who are interested in scheduling a consultation can visit this web page:

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