New Infographic on Employer Health Insurance - The 8 Key Trends of 2013

Written by: PeopleKeep Team
Dec 16, 2013 11:00:00 AM

Infographic Helps Small Businesses and Brokers Understand the Top Employer Health Insurance Trends of 2013

Zane Benefits, the #1 online health benefits solution, announced today the publication of an original infographic "Employer Health Insurance in the US - 8 Key Trends All Small Businesses Need to Know." The new infographic helps small businesses, nonprofits, brokers, and accountants visualize the changing landscape of employer health insurance in the U.S.Infographic_-_Employer_Health_Insurance_Facts_and_Figures-1

With major provisions of health reform taking effect in 2014, many experts agree the landscape of employer health insurance in America is rapidly changing.

This is especially true for small businesses who have been hit the hardest. As a result there are over 2.3 million small businesses in the U.S. who do not offer health insurance. But just like larger businesses, they want to offer health insurance to recruit and retain key employees. The number one reason they don't? Cost.

This new infographic summarizes the eight key health insurance trends all small businesses need to know including where small business health insurance stands today and indicators of future trends.

The free infographic is available at the website (no download required) and provides a look the following topics:

✓  How Americans are insured today

✓  The unsustainable growth of health insurance costs 1999-2013

✓  What small businesses look for in health insurance

✓  The growth of alternatives such as healthcare spending accounts and defined contribution

If you find the infographic helpful, please share it with friends or colleagues. You can embed the infographic on your wesbite or download the PDF from SlideShare.

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