Public vs Private Health Exchanges On-Demand!

Free Public vs Private Health Exchanges Webinar is Now Available On-Demand!

Today, Zane Benefits' Rick Lindquist, discussed "Public vs Private Health Insurance Exchanges", via webcast. The feedback has been outstanding, so we decided to make a recording available to everyone!

If you find the information in the webinar helpful, please share it with friends or colleagues. You can also download the presentation slides from SlideShare.public vs private health exchanges resized 600

Public and private exchanges have the same core components, but public health insurance exchanges enjoy several key advantagesFor example, individuals can only access premium tax subsidies through the public exchanges.

So, how do you determine if a public or private health insurance exchange is the right solution for you or your business? 

Anyone interested in understanding how to compare public and private health insurance exchanges should attend this webinar.

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