New and Improved Zane Benefits Partner Program - Earn $15,000+

As costs continue to rise, more employers are turning to insurance brokers and CPAs to help them implement defined contribution plans and HRAs that meet the needs of their businesses and employees. Zane Benefits' new and improved Partner Program is an opportunity for insurance brokers to provide clients with custom HRA and defined contribution solutions. Please read below for detailed information about the program.

Zane provides a web-based (SaaS) administration platform (similar to quickbooks online for accounting) for health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs). Zane does not sell health insurance. Zane partners with health insurance brokers, who distribute Zane's solutions to employers. Zane charges a monthly software licensing fee ranging from $6 to $12 pepm to businesses using Zane's software. 10-15% of the fee (recurring) is paid to the referring broker. Additionally, Zane allows the brokers to white-label the HRA solution, with full-branding and insurance integration. The broker retains 100% of his or her commission on individual and group health insurance policies sold to individuals (with ZaneHRA) and groups (GroupHRA).

New Broker Training Center

Zane Benefits isn't about "one and done" - we are committed to providing continuous training to our partners. With that goal in mind, we have updated to be a one-stop shop for broker training, marketing and service tools. The new training center outlines five steps to becoming a successful Zane Affiliate: 

Step 1 - Attend Product Training

Step 2 - Download Product Brochures

Step 3 - Register for the Bonus Program

Step 4 - Setup Your Zane Affiliate Badge

Step 5 - Submit a Referral


New Quarterly Bonus Program

Zane Benefits offers competitive and recurring compensation on referrals. For example, brokers who refer 20 accounts per year can earn up to $15,000 per year. Note: This example does not include compensation brokers may earn on individual or group health plan sales. 

HRA Referrals




Potential Total Compensation**


Subject to Contest Rules below
**Assumes base level commission with average size of 20 EEs with annualized recurring compensation. Does not include insurance compensation earned for group health plans or individual health plans sold by a broker. E.g. If you sell 70+ individual plans this quarter, you may be able to earn an additional $50,000+ in individual insurance compensation/bonuses, depending on the carrier.

Additional Quarter Incentives:

  • $100 gift card drawing each month (1 entry per qualified HRA referral)
  • Sell HRA in first 30 days of signup, free agent account for 6 months
  • Sell 9 HRAs, get a Nexus 7
nexus7zane resized 600

Contest Rules:

  • HRAs must be established from October 1, 2012 through December 31, 2012.
  • Registration is required to be eligible for bonus. 
  • Bonus is paid as described above.
  • Bonus follows the Assignment of Commission Form you have on file at the time the application is received for each qualifying policy or certificate.
  • Bonuses are not cumulative; one cash prize per affiliate for each product category, based on his or her personal production.
  • Excludes ZanePRA.
  • Qualification is based on production as "Affiliate of Record".
  • HRAs must be new clients only; resale of existing Zane Benefits clients do not count toward contest.
  • HRAs cannot be split between affiliates.
  • Zane Benefits  reserves the right to make final judgment on contest qualifiers and HRAs must be in force at the time of contest payout to be included. Any required disclosures to affiliates' clients are affiliates' sole responsibility.
  • All eligible HRAs must be in force for a minimum of six consecutive months after the effective date, in order to count. If an HRA is terminated for any reason, the affiliate will be charged back for any difference in bonus amount paid.
  • This contest is for all active Independent affiliates only.
  • 1099s apply.

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