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Feb 23, 2015 7:00:00 AM

New Article Discusses the Importance of Employer-Funded Individual Health Insurance

February 23rd, 2015

Salt Lake City, UT.  Zane Benefitsthe leader in individual health insurance reimbursement for small businesses, announced today that it has been featured in Bloomberg BNA.Zane_Benefits_Featured_in_Bloomberg_BNA

In the article, The End of Employer-Provided Health Insurance: The Solution -- Employer-Funded Individual Health Insurance, Rick Lindquist, President, and Paul Zane Pilzer, Chairman and founder of Zane Benefits highlight that “Millions of working Americans believe that the only way they can get health insurance is from an employer. Until recently, their belief was accurate.”

According to Lindquist and Pilzer, “New defined contribution programs allow employers to reimburse employees for individual health insurance costs.” The authors add that “These changes mean that your company can get out of its health insurance conundrum while still (1) enabling employees to obtain high-quality health insurance, and (2) providing a defined contribution health benefits program that helps recruit and retain the best employees.”

Lindquist and Pilzer go on to say in the article that “Individual health insurance has become cheaper and better than traditional employer-provided health insurance, and that most Americans are now eligible for monthly federal tax subsidies (called premium tax credits) for individual health insurance if their employers do not offer employer-provided health insurance.”

Selected Quotes:

“While the transition from employer-provided health insurance to individual health insurance has been gradual since 2000, the post-2014 enhancements to the individual market have accelerated this shift.” Source: Bloomberg

“60 Percent of Small Businesses Will Switch to Defined Contribution by 2018.” Source: Bloomberg

“The individual market is expected to expand from 30 million insureds in 2012 to more than 150 million insureds by 2025.” Source: Bloomberg

“When President Obama took office on January 20, 2009, the primary purpose of his proposals for healthcare reform was to make affordable healthcare available for the 45 million uninsured Americans who either could not afford health insurance or who did not qualify for individual health insurance because they had a family member with a pre-existing condition.” Source: Bloomberg

About Zane Benefits, Inc.

Zane Benefits is the leader in individual health insurance reimbursement for small businesses. Since 2006, Zane Benefits has been on a mission to bring the benefits of individual health insurance to business owners and their employees. Zane Benefits' software helps businesses reimburse employees for individual health insurance plans for annual savings of 20 to 60 percent compared with traditional employer-provided health insurance. Zane Benefits' software has been featured on the front-page of The Wall Street Journal, the USA Today, and The New York Times. Learn more at

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