Zane Benefits Discusses Small Business Health Insurance Strategy in Capital One Feature

Written by: Caitlin Bronson
Feb 10, 2017 12:00:00 PM

Zane Benefits discusses small business health insurance strategy in Capital One featureZane Benefits recently showcased its vision for personalized small business health insurance in an article on the Capital One “Spark Business” blog.

In a conversation with blog author Gene Marks, Zane Benefits President and CEO Rick Lindquist offers expert insight into why small businesses should offer a health benefit and why personalized reimbursement plans provide the best value to both companies and employees.

Lindquist also discusses the importance of employee education, noting that if employees don’t understand their benefits, they won’t use them. He then gives several examples of how to fix this problem.

We’ve included a small sample of the article, “Offering Insurance Can Benefit Your Business. Here’s How,” below. Click here for the full story.

G.M. What do you usually recommend to employers?

R.L. We like the reimbursement approach where all reimbursements are tax-free to both the company and employees if the company complies with federal policies and procedures. We like this approach best because it allows employees to choose a health insurance policy that’s personalized to their needs while simplifying benefits for the entire company.

G.M. What is the biggest mistake employers make when purchasing a healthcare plan?

R.L. Buying a healthcare plan vs. simply giving employees money to reimburse their own policy. No two people’s medical needs are the same, so even though a group health insurance policy can be right for many companies, it doesn’t always fit the needs for every employee.

Click here to read the full article.

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