GlicRx is a free prescription discount program that helps customers save up to 80% when they pay cash for their prescriptions.  Our app lets you search by drug across pharmacies nearest you to help you see where we can provide the best price. The program is totally free. GlicRx is not insurance.

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The GlicRx program - which is free to all users - offers prescription* discounts to the uninsured and underinsured at a national network of 35,000 drugstores and retail outlets.  There are times insurance doesn't cover a certain drug or customers can't afford medications due to a high deductible or co-pay... This is where the GlicRx program can help.

We work with our pharmacy partners to provide discounts on thousands of popular prescription drugs that can save users up to 80% on their prescriptions.  Our pricing tool allows users to search for the best GlicRx pricing in their area.  And where discounts are available, the average savings per prescription is between 40% and 60%.  Of course, savings vary by drug and by pharmacy.

*Prescription savings vary by prescription and by pharmacy and may reach up to 80% off the cash price.