Simple, Smart Employee Benefits – shop and purchase online. Benworks was created to empower business owners like you to shop and purchase HRA, Dental and Vision benefits online, without the headache of complicated forms, jargon and unnecessary meetings.

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The heart of your business is your employees. We designed benworks to empower owners like you to shop digitally, directly purchase and offer employer sponsored benefits. We interviewed hundreds of small business owners who overwhelmingly told us they want a turnkey solution. A simple, transparent process to shop for and purchase benefits.

In three easy steps, benworks can help you offer a robust benefits package to your team:


1. We need a little bit of information about your business so we can show you benefits you may want to consider and their costs.
2. Select which benefits you want to include, don't worry we are here to help.
3. Finalize your benefits package and have your team members enroll.