Case Study: Young Voices

Industry Non-profit
Location Washington, D.C.


As a small non-profit organization, Young Voices was limited in its employee benefit options. It needed a health benefit that would work for all of its multi-state employees as well as flexible perks that would keep it competitive in the tough Washington D.C. labor market. 

After a referral, Young Voices signed up for a qualified small employer HRA (QSEHRA) through PeopleKeep. With the QSEHRA, its employees could be reimbursed tax-free for their health insurance premiums and out-of-pocket medical expenses—no matter where they lived. Two years after implementing the QSEHRA, Young Voices added employee stipends to its benefits package with PeopleKeep’s WorkPerks software. This allowed the organization to cover its remote employees’ phone and internet costs to further support them at any location.

Since adding in WorkPerks, Young Voices’ employee satisfaction is at 100%, and retention is at an all-time high. PeopleKeep’s QSEHRA and WorkPerks benefits work seamlessly together to create an enhanced benefits package, showcasing Young Voices as a company that makes its employees’ health and overall wellbeing a priority in the eyes of job candidates.

“What I like about PeopleKeep is that their benefits can be used for insurance premiums, medical expenses, and flexible benefits. That flexibility was the key factor in choosing an HRA and WorkPerks.”

Casey Given

Executive Director


employee benefits package


minutes per month


employee retention and overall satisfaction

“We looked at group health plans but with many young employees still on their parent’s insurance plans, it wouldn’t have been a good fit.”

The company

Young Voices provides fledgling writers with the guidance needed to succeed during the most critical years of their early career. They do so by acting as a copy editor, agent, and mentor to a roster of pro-liberty writers through their cornerstone Contributors Program. Their network generates 50+ commentaries in print, online, TV, and radio every single month. 

On top of their public relations capabilities, Young Voices’ writers have exclusive access to continuing education opportunities through their program, including training and mentorship from top think tank scholars. In short, Young Voices is a one-stop shop for aspiring intellectuals to build their brand and develop their expertise as advocates for market solutions.

The challenge

Casey Given, executive director of Young Voices, wanted a health benefit that would meet the needs of his diverse workforce. Young Voices’ employees were mostly young, still on their parents’ health insurance plans, and located all across the U.S.

The nonprofit previously offered group health insurance, but it wasn’t flexible enough to span multiple states, and the employees who were on their parents’ health plans had no use for it. Young Voices considered adding a health savings account (HSA), but due to the limited eligible items an HSA would cover, as well as the fact that the HSA wouldn’t change the group plan itself, the organization felt it wouldn’t be a valuable enough benefit.  

Casey also noticed that other, well-regarded companies were offering flexible and personalized benefits. These benefits offered employees the autonomy to choose the benefits that worked best for them, such as wellness programs, cell phone reimbursement, or tuition assistance. 

To stay competitive, Casey knew he needed a personalized health benefit that would work for his young employees—regardless of location—as well as additional benefits that would strengthen the employee experience while also enticing top talent to join Young Voices.

The solution

Casey decided to find a health benefit solution first. In 2020, upon referral of a friend, he researched PeopleKeep and the qualified small employer health reimbursement arrangement (QSEHRA). 

Unlike a group plan and a health savings account, the QSEHRA was flexible enough to meet every employee’s needs. PeopleKeep’s premium-plus QSEHRA allowed for the reimbursement of over 200 qualified out-of-pocket expenses plus individual health insurance premiums. 

“The flexibility made an HRA an instant winner for me.”

This type of QSEHRA supported staff members who had their own insurance while providing those still on their parents’ health insurance plans an opportunity to have other medical expenses reimbursed, such as prescription drugs and over-the-counter items. With a monthly allowance of $300 for individuals and $400 for families, Young Voices knew the QSEHRA would cover most of its employees’ healthcare expenses better than the rigid group health insurance plan it had in the past.

After two years of working with PeopleKeep and using the QSEHRA, Casey revisited the idea of implementing another flexible benefit at Young Voices. Even though Young Voices covered its employees’ healthcare needs, it still lacked other incentives and perks that would make the company more attractive to prospective and current employees. 

Casey discovered that PeopleKeep offers a reimbursable employee stipend solution called WorkPerks. With WorkPerks, Young Voices could offer its employees reimbursements that could cover fringe benefits like remote work perks.

“We decided to add WorkPerks to our benefits package to create a strong and positive work environment.”

Encouraged by the idea of enhancing his organization’s benefits package to include more options, Casey signed up with WorkPerks and designed the benefit to allow for reimbursement of internet and cell phone usage up to $100 per month for all employees. Between QSEHRA and WorkPerks, Casey knew he had found the winning combination with PeopleKeep.

The results

The onboarding process for both QSEHRA and WorkPerks ran smoothly. PeopleKeep’s award-winning customer success team provided 30-minute onboarding meetings that included all of Young Voices’ employees so they could learn more about the benefits and have their questions answered.

Once familiar with the benefits, one employee told Casey that he’s found the QSEHRA and WorkPerks benefits extremely helpful and has been encouraging his coworkers to use them.

Young Voices’ employees are pleased with the QSEHRA and WorkPerks benefits offered through PeopleKeep. With the combination of a flexible health benefit and an inclusive perk for out-of-state employees, employee satisfaction is now at 100%, and retention is stronger than ever. Casey is confident their improved benefits package will continue encouraging job seekers in the Washington, D.C. area and beyond to apply for open positions at Young Voices and stay long-term.

"Administering both the QSEHRA and WorkPerks benefits take me less than 30 minutes per month."

As the administrator of both benefits, Casey finds the reimbursement process simple and quick. In less than 30 minutes per month, he can log in, update employment information, and schedule reimbursements with a few clicks of a button due to the ease of the intuitive user interface. When he has a question or needs help, PeopleKeep’s customer support team is highly responsive. 

Together, the QSEHRA and WorkPerks benefits have been the right solutions for Casey and Young Voices. PeopleKeep’s software successfully allowed them to design a more individualized and thoughtful benefits package that Casey knows will keep the organization competitive, improve engagement, and strengthen its workplace culture.