Why Hiring Brand Ambassadors Will Make or Break Your Recruiting

Written by: Christina Merhar
Originally published on February 3, 2015. Last updated August 14, 2020.

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As a small business owner, the employees you hire are key to your success. Not only do the right employees have the skills and experience to help your small business grow, but they also represent your business’s vision and brand. They are your brand ambassadors.

What Do Employees Have to Do with Our Brand?

If you’re wondering what employees have to do with our brand, the answer is everything.

You’ve poured countless hours into your organization’s vision, mission, and brand. You’ve perfected your logo, brochures, and website.

Now, take a step back. Do your employees reflect what you say you do and who you say you are?

Employees interface with customers, sell your product, and communicate your values. They are the face (or voice) for your company.

Employees are a vital part of your company brand. They can make your brand and product soar. Or, they can make you fall short.

Recruiting & Hiring Brand Ambassadors

That’s where hiring brand ambassadors comes in.

A candidate can have all the right skills, but if they don’t fit with your company’s culture, have the right attitude, and believe passionately in your product they are not the right person to communicate your value proposition. They are not the right person to help your company succeed.

As you recruit and hire, ask questions to understand:

  • Will they be motivated by growth and by taking on new opportunities?

  • How will they add to the business in a unique or needed way?

  • Do they represent our company brand and vision?

  • Are they passionate about our product or service?

And remember, it’s not just what employees say, but also how they sound and how they act. Hiring new employees that are brand ambassadors will make communicating your company's product easy.

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Turning Current Employees into Brand Ambassadors

You might be wondering about current staff, too. Is it a loss cause if they are not representing our brand in the way you hoped? No. Training and communication goes a long way when turning current employees into brand ambassadors.

A few tips:

  • Communicate regularly about your culture (brand, mission, and vision)

  • Train staff on tone and on company communication standards

  • Shadow team members to provide quick feedback on phone, in-person, or email etiquette

  • Remind employees where your company has been and where you are going - to instill passion and excitement

  • Expect all employees to know (or memorize) the company’s mission and vision

  • Post your company’s mission and vision in your physical workspace or break room

Lastly, if an employee is fighting against your company’s brand, mission, and vision, and he or she is not receptive to training, it is time to let that employee go. Then, hire someone with the passion (and skills) to see your small business succeed.


Small business owners often feel pressure to hire the right people because each employee directly impacts the bottom line. As you recruit, hire, and train employees, remember to hire brand ambassadors. The result? Your company, and your brand, will sing.

What are your tips on small business recruiting? Leave a comment or question below.

The 20 Greatest Recruiting & Retention Tips 

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Originally published on February 3, 2015. Last updated August 14, 2020.


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