Want the Best Company Culture? Focus on Communication

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Originally published on December 5, 2014. Last updated July 9, 2015.

On any given day, the average individual will speak around 16,000 words, according to It’s no speech-bubbles-303206_640wonder that communication is so important to everyday life -- especially in the workplace.  Without it, nothing would be accomplished and a company’s culture would struggle to survive. As such, want to know how to have the best company culture? Make communication your focus.

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Why Communication?

There are a handful of ways to have the best company culture, so you’re probably asking yourself “why should I put so much emphasis on communication?” Well, think of it this way: if you needed a drink of water and are unable to complete the task yourself, how would you fulfill your need? Would you get the attention of a person and ask them for it? Would you gesture the sign of thirst until someone noticed?

The truth is, each of these examples are a form of communication. You literally cannot fulfill the necessities of a day without using some form of communication. And there you have it -- communication is the means by which tasks can be accomplished effectively. The same can be applied to a company's culture. Consistent communication must take place in order to advance your company’s culture.

What to Communicate

Be clear with employees on your vision and how it correlates with having the best company culture. Communicate both the aspirational big picture (“to become the best in the industry”), and the small steps that will lead to the bigger goal. This way, employees know how their daily work ties into the overall goal and how employees are collectively reaching the goal together. In other words, their daily work matters.

Post the company’s vision for everyone to see. It will help employees connect to the vision on a daily basis. You can also post keywords that make up your culture (i.e. Teamwork, Passion, Achievement, Honesty, etc.).

Tip: Use various forms of communication to appeal to different age groups within the company. Different generations prefer different communication styles.

Create a High-Feedback Culture

Did you know that, according to, companies that implement regular employee feedback have a 15% lower turnover rate? Knowing this, make employee feedback a normal part of your company’s culture. Some of the most innovative ideas come from the very people that are using and promoting your products or services every day. If you want the best company culture, create a high-feedback environment where you encourage all employees (and customers) to give their input – good or bad. Use the feedback from both employees and customers to create a culture that is trusting, open, and honest.

What to Expect

Now that you know why communication is important and what it can do to boost your company culture, what will the results be when you integrate consistent communication into your company? The best company culture! Your employees will begin to be more open and trusting, your company culture will become exciting and engaging, and your employees and customers will feel that their voice matters.

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Originally published on December 5, 2014. Last updated July 9, 2015.


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