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Top 5 Individual Health Insurance Articles of 2013

Written by: PeopleKeep Team
December 10, 2013 at 8:00 AM

With the increasing adoption of defined contribution healthcare and new health care reform provisions, individual health insurance is on the rise. Here are our top five articles on individual health insurance in 2013. These represent our most read, most commented on, and most shared articles on individual health insurance this year.


(1) Why Individual Health Insurance is Better for Employees, and Employers

In the past, most Americans received health insurance through their employer. In fact, only ~6% of the US non-elderly population has an individual health insurance plan. But, individual health insurance is about to get more popular. The new individual health insurance marketplaces are coming, all individual plans will be guaranteed-issue in 2014, and the individual premium subsidies will help make plans more affordable to those eligible. But why are these changes needed? They're needed because employer health insurance is broken. 

(2) Can Employers Reimburse Employees' Individual Health Insurance in 2014?

Today, less than 50% of small businesses offer employees health insurance, largely because of the cost. That's over 2.3 million small businesses that don't offer health insurance. Under ObamaCare, small businesses (<50 employees) aren't required to offer health insurance, but most want to. And, there are new advantages of individual health insurance such as the premium tax credits and guaranteed-issue coverage. All of these factors leave many small business owners asking "Can I just reimburse employees' individual health insurance in 2014?"

(3) The Right Way to Cancel or Change Your Individual Health Insurance Policy

As new insurance options become available through the state health insurance marketplaces, employees may need to cancel or change their current individual health insurance policy. Is there a right way and a wrong way to cancel a health insurance policy?

(4) The Growth of Individual Health Insurance - 2000s to Today

Prior to World War II, many employees purchased their own individual or family health insurance policies, sometime called “personal” health insurance policies, just like they do today with homeowners, auto, and life insurance. As mentioned earlier, in 1945, to get around wartime wage and price controls, employers were allowed to give employees unlimited health benefits without having to report it as income. This article takes a look at the history of health insurance and the growth of individual health insurance from 2000 to today.

(5) How Individual Health Insurance is Changing in 2014

As part of health reform, individual health insurance gets a major make-over in 2014.The health reforms significantly impact how Americans buy health insurance, what coverage will include, and who is eligible for coverage. Here are four ways individual health insurance is changing in 2014 - and why these changes are a big deal.

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