Top 20 Cities to Launch a Start-Up

Written by: Christina Merhar
Published on July 9, 2014.

Which U.S. cities are the best for launching a start-up? According to a new report by NerdWallet, Oklahoma City, Miami, and Omaha top the list.

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Top 20 Cities to Launch a Start-Up

The report, conducted in May 2014, ranked major cities by cost of living, access to funding, the labor market, the local economy, and business friendliness. Based on these scores, here are the top 20 U.S. cities to start a business:

  1. Oklahoma City, OK
  2. Miami, FL 

  3. Omaha, NE 

  4. Raleigh, NC 

  5. Nashville, TN 

  6. Atlanta, GA 

  7. Austin, TX 

  8. Seattle, WA 

  9. Denver, CO 

  10. Memphis, TN 

  11. Minneapolis, MN 

  12. Tulsa, OK 

  13. Kansas City, MO 

  14. Fort Worth, TX 

  15. Dallas, TX 

  16. Houston, TX 

  17. Wichita, KS 

  18. Charlotte, NC 

  19. Columbus, OH

  20. Washington, DC

About the ScoringBest Cities to Start a Business

The NerdWallet study was conducted in May and included 50 of the largest U.S. cities, scoring them on factors such as access to loans under $250,000, population growth between 2007-2012, ease of hiring, per capita income and unemployment rate, and number of businesses per 100 residents.

Click here to access the report, data, and to read more about the scoring.

Are you surprised by any of the results? Where does your city stand?

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Originally published on July 9, 2014. Last updated July 10, 2014.


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