The Top Perks That Attract Millennials

Written by: PeopleKeep Team
Originally published on January 22, 2015. Last updated July 9, 2015.

No matter how you slice it, millennials are becoming a tremendous part of the workforce. And as each The Top Perks That Attract Millennials generation has different likes, dislikes, and values, you need to know how to attract millennials. As such, if you want to grow your small business, you’ll need to really think about the best approach to attract millennials. But how can you do this? We’re taking the guessing out it for you and have put together the top perks that will attract millennials to your small business.  

A Balance of Work and Life

The number one perk to attract millennials isn’t money. It isn’t a worksite basketball court either. It’s a flexible work schedule that will make potential employees (especially millennials) fall in love with your company.  

But what is a flexible schedule? To a millennial, this means a schedule that allows them to be with their families and friends--not working 60 hours a week. Millennials want to work hard while they’re at work, and play hard when they get home. On top of this, it means that you, as the employer, are understanding when they would like to take a mental health day or a vacation.

This perk isn’t difficult to accomplish, either. If you make sure you’ve got a sufficient workforce, schedules will be more easily adjusted based on the needs of your employees’ lives outside of work.

Stimulating Work

Millennials were raised in the age of technology, so it’s no surprise they are used to being constantly busy, stimulated, and challenged. If you want to attract millennials to your small business, you’ll first need to take a step back and evaluate the positions in your company. Are they challenging and do they provide meaningful work? Furthermore, did you know millennials prioritize meaningful work over higher salaries?

Thankfully, there are ways to make each position more exciting and appealing to millennials.

For example, if you own a restaurant, evaluate each position and what the employee does. The truth is, even basic positions such as your hosts and hostesses can feel busy and challenged if you give them the right duties. While some hosts and hostesses simply seat guests, have yours seat guests using a visually exciting app for a tablet. Have them have a conversation with each table of guests and make them feel comfortable and welcome. Then, have them try and memorize everyone’s name so that, when they bring out drinks, they can call them by name.

This example of taking what seems to be a basic and ordinary job and turning it into something exciting and challenging is what you’ll need to attract millennials. Remember, the very positions and the duties you create for your employees are one of the greatest perks to a millennial.

Training and Development

Millennials love to be challenged, and part of being challenged is furthering their education and developing their professional portfolio. The best way to do this? Invest in your employees. In other words, find creative ways to train your employees to become experts at what they do.

If you have an employee who has a passion for customer service, help them become top-notch. You can do this within and outside of your company, too. Within your company, shadow them throughout the day once or twice a week and give them pointers and advice. Then, seek inexpensive trainings outside your company to send your employee to in order to further develop their customer service skills. Employee development is a major perk for millennials and will attract them to your small business. Plus, employee development is important to the culture of your company, too.


Don’t think of millennials as a generation impossible to get through to - they’re simply a generation with needs different from the generation before. Think of it this way, you’re adapting your small business to accommodate the future leaders of your company. Learn to find a balance between work and home life, create positions that are exciting and challenging, and aim to develop your employees professionally. Accomplishing this task will help you realize the top perks to attract millennials are simply a means by which your small business will continue to grow.

What perks do you offer to attract millennials? What have you found that works best? Comment below and let us know!

Originally published on January 22, 2015. Last updated July 9, 2015.


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