Small Business Tip You Can’t Ignore: Start a Business Blog

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Originally published on March 12, 2015. Last updated November 11, 2021.

Sure, you’ve heard of blogs and how pretty much everyone and their dog has one, but did you know a blog can actually be a tremendous asset to your small business? Yes, you heard that right. Starting a business blog is one tip you shouldn’t ignore. In this article, we’ll go over the advantages of a blog and how it can change your small business for the better.

A Little About BlogsSmall_business_tip_starting_blog

It’s interesting to think what blogs used to be—originally they were like an online journal for all to see. Nowadays, however, things have changed. How so? Blogs are the way companies perfect their inbound marketing.

In fact, 93 percent of marketers use blogs for content marketing (source). So, rather than thinking blogs are for stay-at-home moms and not for your small business, it’s time you know how a blog can literally change the way you do business -- forever.

What are the advantages of blogs for your small business?

Blogs boost search engine optimization. Search engines are a fan of fresh content and are looking for it all the time. As you put up new content, you’re likely to show up in a search. And when you’re organically (not a paid advertisement) showing up on Google as the first or second result, people are more likely to utilize your product or services.

Relationships are developed. When you have a blog, you’re developing relationships with your current customers and potential new ones. In other words, readers begin to understand who you are through your blog posts.

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You can establish your small business. With a blog, it doesn’t matter how small your business is, you can easily be found throughout the world and become a leader in your industry. And the more useful and compelling content you’re putting out for people to read, the more you’re establishing your business and brand. People and other companies will recognize you more easily as an established business.

Opportunities are created to share. Every time you write a new blog post, you are giving your customers the opportunity to share it with their friends and get your name out in the world—translating to new business.

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Don’t Knock it ‘Till You Try It

In order to really know if a blog is good for your small business, you’re going to have to try it. Thankfully, it’s easy.

Set up a blog on your site, then write a post or two which address concerns your customers may have. For example, if you own a dry cleaning shop, write a post about the “5 Best Ways to Clean Dirt Stains.” Post it on your site and share it through your social media outlets. Before you know it, you’ll love blogging and you’re going to see more new customers who just happened to come across your article on the internet.

Trust is, the best way to find out if a blog will help your business is to give it good try. Trust us, you won’t be sorry you did.


Although blogs are becoming as common as a dishwasher in every home, small business owners are realizing that blogs can actually greatly increase site traffic, customers, and allow them to become more established as a small business. Remember these key small business tips:

  • Don’t ignore business blogs, they’re an amazing tool for your company.

  • Blogs allow your business to show up on Google and create interest.

  • Blogs create an opportunity to share your knowledge.

  • Blogs develop relationships with readers and establish your small business.

  • You won’t know how effective a blog is until you try it.

What doubts or questions do you have about starting a blog for your business? Comment below, we’d love to help you get started! 

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Originally published on March 12, 2015. Last updated November 11, 2021.


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