Small Business Tips for Interviewing Candidates

Written by: Christina Merhar
Originally published on July 15, 2014. Last updated October 26, 2020.

Your small business has decided it is time to hire an employee. But to find the best candidate for the job, don't blindly jump into the interview process. Rather, take the time to prepare for the interview process and you will get the right candidates in the door and the best candidates hired.Interview Tips for Small Businesses

While there are numerous interview techniques and trends, what it all comes down to is creating a consistent interview process that allows you to spend time with the most qualified candidates, and evaluate candidates for both skill and company fit. Here are a few quick tips to do just that.

This article is an excerpt from An Owner's Guide to Small Business Hiring (click to download the PDF).

Prepare for Interviewing Candidates

Prepare for interviewing candidates by asking:

  • Will we prescreen candidates? If so, how?

  • What style of interview/s will we conduct?

  • What questions will we ask?

  • How will we evaluate or score candidates?

  • Which team members will participate?

  • How will we check references? 

Small Business Interview Tips  

As you plan for the interview process, here are a few tips.

  • Ask open-ended questions

  • Set the tone and control the interview

  • Tell the candidate what to expect

  • Review the job description, company culture, and benefits

  • Know what you cannot ask

  • Put candidates to the test with a hands-on exercise

  • Listen, and leave time for questions

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What are your tips for hiring the best employees at a small business?

Originally published on July 15, 2014. Last updated October 26, 2020.


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