Recruiting in an Online World - Tips for Dental Practices

Written by: Christina Merhar
Originally published on May 25, 2015. Last updated March 22, 2023.

Most dental practices know the importance of online patient feedback, but in an increasingly online world, employees, not just patients, are hitting the web to communicate what they like and don’t like about your practice. This means new candidates are reading online what it is like to work for your practice, and whether you know it or not, it’s impacting your recruiting strategies.Recruiting in an Online World - Tips for Dental Practices

Last week, I wrote an article featured on DentistryIQ outlining four tips for recruiting in an online world.

Here are highlights from the recent Zane Benefits blog feature article.  

Article Highlights - Recruiting Tips for Dental Practices

As discussed in the article, employees (and customers) can be great brand ambassadors for your practice. The key is to know how to leverage online transparency to improve, not hurt, your recruiting strategies.

Here are four simple tips to get you started.

  1. Take control of your online presence

  2. Provide employees a way to offer constructive feedback, offline

  3. Encourage employees to sing your praises online

  4. Address the negative, fast

“Online transparency is changing the way dental practices do businesses in terms of both patient and employee satisfaction. But don’t worry, there is no need to run away from this new trend. Embrace technology transparency by taking control of your online presence, be a high-feedback business, and encourage employees to be your brand ambassadors. For successful dental practices, you’ll see a positive online brand for both prospective patients and prospective employees.”

The article can be accessed via DentistryIQ’s website and is a helpful resource for Dentists and dental practice managers.

About DentistryIQ

DentistryIQ provides dental professionals worldwide with a comprehensive collection of information on what is happening in the dental industry. The DentistryIQ feature titled “Wise-up Wednesday from Zane Benefits: Recruiting in an online era — 4 tips for dental practices” discusses recruiting in an online world.

Originally published on May 25, 2015. Last updated March 22, 2023.


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