6 Questions to Ask Before Offering Health Benefits

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Originally published on June 8, 2015. Last updated March 22, 2023.
How to evaluate health benefits - questions for dental practices

At small dental practices, the idea of offering health benefits to employees is exciting, yet the task of evaluating and budgeting for health benefits can feel daunting.

What strategy is right for your dental practice? What can you afford? Are you making the right decision?

Last week, we wrote an article featured on DentistryIQ outlining six questions dental practices, or any small business, should ask before offering health benefits.

Here are highlights from the recent Zane Benefits blog feature article.  

Article Highlights - Assessing Health Benefits

As dental practices research health benefit options, a smart first step is to evaluate the practice's needs, budget, and goals by asking these six questions:

  1. Who will be covered by the health benefits?

  2. What is your health benefits budget?

  3. What do employees value most?

  4. Who will manage the health benefits program?

  5. What are your health benefits goals?

  6. What type of health benefits should you offer?

“With new health benefit options available to small dental practices, health benefits are within reach. What is the best approach? It will depend on your health benefit needs and goals. Asking these six questions is a wise place to start."

The article can be accessed via DentistryIQ’s website and is a helpful resource for Dentists and dental practice managers.

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DentistryIQ provides dental professionals worldwide with a comprehensive collection of information on what is happening in the dental industry. The DentistryIQ feature titled, "Wise-up Wednesday from Zane Benefits: Before you offer health benefits, ask these 6 questions" discusses tips for evaluating health benefits.

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Originally published on June 8, 2015. Last updated March 22, 2023.


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