Life Hacks: Best Benefits Your Small Business Needs Now

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Originally published on April 6, 2015. Last updated February 12, 2018.

Whether you’ve owned your business for 25 years or six months, benefits are a big part of what you and your company stand for. In fact, many businesses are known for the benefits they offer their employees. The question is, are you going to be known for great or less-than-adequate benefits?

In this article, we’ll let you in on life hacks to help small business owners like you become known for great benefits -- the ones that really help you recruit and retain top talent.  LIfe_Hacks_Best_Benefits_Your_Small_Business_Needs_Now

Small Business Owner Life Hack: Offer Benefits to Get People Talking

Whichever benefits you choose to offer your employees, choose them wisely. The result? You’ll have employees who feel taken care of and will spread the word. Think of Google. Everyone knows about Google’s amazing benefits simply because their employees love them so much -- Google’s employees aren’t afraid to tell everyone about their unique benefits.

And while you probably can’t offer the same benefits as Google, you certainly can offer benefits that get people talking. So, here’s your list of benefits that’ll really help you recruit and retain the best of the best employees.

Flexible schedules

Flexible may be a scary word for you, but think of it this way: You can be flexible with your employees’ unique needs, likes, and dislikes. All of these play a role in schedules. Feel out what works best with your employees, and work with them and their schedules to ensure they’re happy.

Wellness programs

Wellness programs can be a lot of fun and have a great impact on your small business. In fact, it can be as easy as hosting workplace competitions to become healthy, or company hikes. Remember: a happy employee is a productive employee.

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Tuition reimbursement

Educated employees will only further help your small business develop and grow. So, if your budget allows, help your employees become more educated by offering tuition reimbursement. Many employers help for all or a portion of relevant degrees, classes, and certificates.

Team-building outings

Never underestimate the power of team-building. If you really want your employees to enjoy being around each other, provide situations outside of the workplace where they can really develop a relationship. When there is comradery in the workplace, your employees are more likely to love their jobs.

Affordable health benefits

If you really want to offer the best benefits, make sure your health benefits stand out. How? Easy -- provide health benefits you and your employees can afford.

While there are many health benefits options to choose from, have you ever thought to simply give your employees an allowance to buy individual health insurance? It’s a popular way for small business owners to save time and money while still providing access to great health insurance. Of course, you’ll need do so compliantly. One of the best ways to do this is through a Premium Reimbursement Software.

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Benefits are a big part of your small business and really, you can’t afford to go without them. Make it a point to offer the very best benefits in your industry and get people talking. And as others start to hear about the benefits you offer, they’ll start to seek your company out. Ultimately, the benefits you decide to associate with your small business will lead to better retention and give you the recruiting leverage you need.

What questions do you have about offering the best benefits? Let us know your concern and we’ll discuss it together.

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Originally published on April 6, 2015. Last updated February 12, 2018.


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