Is Your Hiring Strategy Working for Your Dental Practice?

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Originally published on January 9, 2015. Last updated October 26, 2020.

Keeping up with current hiring strategies for your dental practice can be difficult simply because the world Is Your Hiring Strategy Working for Your Dental Practice?as we know it changes constantly - especially in this technological age. Additionally, change is difficult for many people. But, there must be a way to keep up with current hiring strategies, isn’t there? This article addresses specific strategies to help bring your dental practice hiring strategies into the 21st century.

The Horse and Buggie Analogy

I can just imagine it now, the first time someone saw an automobile - “what is that thing? And you think that’ll replace my horse and buggy? Right - over my dead body!” Though that may not have been exactly how it happened, the fact is, people generally do not enjoy big changes. The same goes for the small business world, too. And just as the horse and buggy became obsolete and were replaced by automobiles, hiring strategies for your dental practice will become out-of-date eventually. Which begs the question, how is your hiring strategy working?

Hiring Can’t be That Hard, Can It?

Relating back to the example of the automobile and horse and buggy, let’s face it, new innovations bring new challenges, right? When people first started to drive cars, they were used to feeding and maintaining horses, so, they had to learn what it meant to check the oil, fill up with gasoline, and general maintenance of an automobile. Similarly, you may have to learn the latest and greatest hiring strategies for your dental practice.

The Latest and Greatest Hiring Strategies in 2015

Now you’re wondering what the latest and greatest hiring strategies are, aren’t you? In 2015, the most effective strategies come from a combination of technology and face-to-face interaction. Here is a breakdown of strategies you can start using today:

Interact online and face-to-face. Nowadays, technology is a very effective way to reach potential candidates. You can use Facebook, Twitter, and even Youtube to recruit top talent for your dental practice. However, it’s important to remember that, while a candidate may be appealing on social media, they may not have the face-to-face social skills you’re looking for. Make sure you have a face-to-face interaction with them as early in the process as possible.

Try the old-school approach as well. In other words, if your hiring strategy isn’t working for your dental practice, try the tried-and-true method of going to a local dental school to find candidates. This is one of the quickest ways to find top talent candidates that are ready and driven to work.

If the shoe fits, wear it! Over analyzing each and every candidate is counterproductive. Once you and your staff know the candidate is a good fit, bring them on board. If you follow the traditional mantra "hire slow, fire fast" you might be wasting valuable time with the position going unfilled, or lose the candidate to another company that is ready to hire.

A company that hires together, stays together. Many dental practices are starting to hire collectively, rather than individually. In general, one person interviews and hires - however, with this strategy, your whole dental office gets to know the candidates and decides together.

Give ‘em all you’ve got. Candidates want to see that you care about your dental practice employees. So, what’s the best way to show it? Offer great benefits. When you offer fringe benefits, paid time off, affordable health benefits, etc. you can use these to make your dental practice more appealing to candidates. Plus, great benefits will help you retain your current employees as well.

Set a Goal for 2015: Adopt New Hiring Strategies

If your current hiring strategies aren’t working for you dental practice, make a goal for 2015 to adopt new ones. Besides, if what you’re doing now isn’t working, you can only gain from new practices, right?

Write your goals down and go over them with your staff. This way, you’re all accountable and can motivate each other to stick to the goals you set.


We’ve gone over the what it takes to hire smart for your dental practice. Now, the question is, how will you make hiring strategies work for your dental practice in 2015? Here’s a quick recap:

  • Adapt to survive - implement the latest and greatest hiring strategies

  • Get to know a candidate on screen and face-to-face

  • Don’t be afraid to recruit from local dental schools

  • Hire quickly and collectively

  • Offer candidates and employees great benefits

  • Make a hiring strategy goal for 2015 and stick to it

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What strategies are working well for your dental practice? We’d love to hear your advice - comment below!


Originally published on January 9, 2015. Last updated October 26, 2020.


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