Infographic - Understanding ZaneHealth Compliance

Written by: Christina Merhar
July 28, 2015 at 12:00 PM

A common question we receive from employers, health insurance advisors, and accounting professionals is, "How does ZaneHealth comply with the various federal regulations and reforms?" In other words, is ZaneHealth legal?

ZaneHealth is a legal and compliant health reimbursement plan, and to help answer common compliance questions we've created an infographic which outlines:

  • The history of health reimbursement plans,

  • How ZaneHealth works, and

  • How ZaneHealth complies with various federal rules, including the Affordable Care Act Market Reforms.

Infographic - Understanding ZaneHealth Compliance

Infographic - Understanding ZaneHealth Compliance

Infographic Source: Zane Benefits

Do you have questions about ZaneHealth, health insurance reimbursement, or health reform? Leave a comment below. We'll help answer. 

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